Mission: 60 Day Gluten Free Diet.

As of today afternoon, I am on a 60 day Gluten Free Diet. I will explain shortly my reason behind this mission. But first, there is no shame in admitting that it’s going to be tough. Really tough.  Especially since my main diet consists of everything made from wheat such as multigrain bread, spaghetti, roti, an occasional brownie.

As for my reason, its two fold. First, whether I can actually say no to well-made spaghetti will test my willpower to the boot and secondly, if I cut out wheat, most of my junk food intake gets reduced. And those who are wondering, I don’t have Celiac Disease aka, intolerance to gluten. So for the next 60 days no pasta, pizza, brownie, cookies, nachos, tacos, sausages, chips, noodles, cakes and pies and anything and everything made from wheat…phew! Bye bye Chili Cheese toast.

But on a brighter side, the list of what I can actually eat is pretty long and rather healthy.

White rice (I can eat white rice), brown rice, meat, fruits, veggies, ice-cream, popcorn, lentils, potatoes. Actually it isn’t that bad.

Just to make it clear, many healthy and delicious foods are naturally gluten-free:

Beans, seeds, nuts in their natural, unprocessed form, Fresh eggs, Fresh meats, fish and poultry (not breaded, batter-coated or marinated), Fruits and vegetables, Most dairy products.

Must avoid at all costs:

Beer, Breads, Cakes and pies, Candies, Cereals, Cookies and crackers, Croutons, French fries, Gravies, Imitation meat or seafood, Matzo, Pastas, Processed luncheon meats, Salad dressings, Sauces, including soy sauce, Seasoned rice mixes, Seasoned snack foods, such as potato and tortilla chips, Self-basting poultry, Soups and soup bases, Vegetables in sauce.

I will keep writing about my experience as I navigate tricky menus while eyeing the bread basket. And yes, I have to do shopping for gluten free items.

Any suggestions?

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