Review: Mosquito Repellant Blanket, Night Knight.

I hate mosquitos. I absolutely loathe them. I despise them so much that the thought of one lurking around is enough to get me annoyed and itchy. To keep my passion for eliminating or keeping myself away from them is so high that that I am always finding ways to banish the little bastards. My bedroom had 3 goodnight mosquito repellant machines on at all times (even during the day). Give me ants, spiders, cockroaches, lizards but NOT mosquitoes!

But since the last couple of days, I am content.  Mosquitoes are avoiding me because of a Mosquito Repellant Blanket I picked up at the local Sahakari Bhandaar Outlet. Yes, it true. I guess I am not the only one who hates the bloody blood suckers.

The item is called Knight Night Mosquito Repellant Blanket and I picked up the one in red out of sheer curiosity. Can a blanket actually keep the loathsome creatures at bay? What is this product? No harm in trying out.

And this creation works really well. The proof is that I am not waking up in the middle of the night scratching my legs or slapping my arms (even when sometimes it’s just their thought that gets me unnerved). The blanket is perfect as it keeps me warm while also shooing away insects. When I visited their official site, here is what it says:

This soft and smooth cotton dyed knitted fabric is harmless, odorless and 100% safe for your skin, so much so that its repellency factor meets up to WHO standard.

World Health Organization is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system.

According to standards set by W.H.O our product is a 100% mosquito repellent and is proven by lab tests.

I am sold. Interestingly, I could not find the reasons why mosquitoes won’t venture near the blanket and nothing specific is mentioned in their company site as well. But who cares? I am a fan and its perfect for camping, treks or any trip which will include the presence of insects.

Features: 100% Cotton, repels all insects, Odorless, Harmless, Environment friendly, Available in 6 Different colours, Safe for children to use.

Price: INR 999/-.

Available at: Check

Company Site:


  1. john

    I bought 2 blankets. They don’t work. I have come to the conclusion they are either untreated or have too little permethrin to be effective.

    It is a ripoff.


  2. Viraj Naik

    Hi Friends,

    I have recently purchased samurai insect trapper and it works great.

    I caught 2 flies as I was hanging the tape up! I only noticed maybe 4 flies flying around my kitchen, but the next day I had a good 30 on the tape! A couple more show up on the tape everyday, but I haven’t seen a live fly since the day I put it up! Something about it just attracts them instantly. They work great indoors and out.

    Hi, checkout Samurai Insect Trapper a non poisonous way of getting rid of insects .


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