The True Causes Of Belly Fat In Women.

In your quest to blast belly fat once and for all, one thing is certain, you will not be able to fight properly if you don’t know your enemy and where it originates from. There are several causes of belly fat, but most people are not aware of the hidden causes that they wouldn’t even have imagined would be causing it. When you know what causes belly fat, then it will make more sense to you, which will then prompt you to take the proper actions that will help you see solid results.

The causes of belly fat in women are basically the same as the causes of belly fat in men. Doctors agree that internal belly fat is the most detrimental body fat to your health. This type of fat leads to negative health conditions for both men and women such as  heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and even depression which could lead to suicide.

You are probably more concerned about how unattractive this fat makes you look and how low your self-esteem may be, and these two things are definitely products of having too much belly fat, but knowing how deadly it can actually be should spring you into action. Here are the main three causes of belly fat:


Hormones play a big role in determining how much belly fat you are going to have around your abdomen. A hormone known as cortisol is one of the main hormones that contribute to this. This hormone is a fat storer. In the high stress society we live in today, it is easy to become chronically stressed which in turn leads to your body producing high amounts of cortisol which lead to increased belly fat.

When you eat the wrong foods such as processed foods and real greasy foods, it causes your body to produce insulin in high amounts which is another fat-storing hormone. The high presence of insulin in your body causes the fat burning hormone known as glucagon to get turned off. This results in more belly fat. Imbalanced hormones are one of the greatest causes of belly fat.


Most people know and agree that consuming high amounts of calories will lead to more weight gain. If this is the case for you then all you need to do is consume fewer calories. The problem with this is that people trying to get rid of their belly fat or lose weight in general, get to a point where they are not consuming enough calories in their diet. Believe it or not, not consuming the proper amounts of calories according to your age and your height can lead to more belly fat. Therefore the weapon you are trying to use to kill the bulge around your waist, becomes a weapon against you.

The reason for this is because cutting down on too many calories causes your body to become nutrient deficient. This means that your body is lacking the nutrients it needs to thrive. This in turn causes the production of the hunger hormone to increase. When this happens your body sends hunger signals to your brain which you won’t be able to resist and therefore cause you to over eat which will increase your calorie intake and increase your belly fat.


The reason why you suffer from high amounts of belly fat cannot be totally blamed on you. The giant food manufacturers are responsible for producing foods that are heavily laced with additives and preservatives and are stripped of nutrients which are very important and necessary to help burn belly fat.

These foods cause mineral deficiencies and imbalances that lead your body to retain more water which in turn leads to extra weight. The additives and preservatives in these foods cause us to become addicted to them by altering brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. Just like you can get addicted to cocaine, morphine, or nicotine, these additives do the exact same thing which causes you to get addicted to them.

These chemically engineered foods also lead your body to accumulate harmful toxic waste. In other words, having un-healthy and inconsistent bowel movements increases, this in turn increases the amount of toxic waste that is accumulated in and around your belly. So it is very possible that your extra pooch may not just be fat, but toxic waste mixed in.



  1. Sarah C

    I vividly remember looking at my trainer several years ago like he was crazy when he told me the reason I wasn’t losing weight was because I wasn’t eating enough. It seems counter-intuitive, but he was right! Balancing out my calories throughout the day and adding in a couple hundred more didn’t make me gain weight – it made me lose almost 10 lbs. Who would have thought??


  2. G K Guru

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