Does Exercise Reduce Food Intake? Yes It Does.

Each time you go for a workout session, you might think that with the amount of effort you’ve put in, your body will crave double the amount of food than when you don’t workout. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Surprisingly, this is not entirely correct. While it is true that your stomach will growl and you’ll feel hungry after a workout, the statement that you’ll crave double the amount of food is incorrect.

In fact, studies have shown that after a rigorous, 45-minute workout, your body actually eschews the thought of fattening food and you do not get as enticed by pictures of delicious foods like cakes, cookies and pizza as when you do not exercise. This is because after an exercise session, your brain’s desire for food actually becomes less.

This is why unhealthy, obese people crave even more fattening foods than fit, healthy ones. When you don’t exercise, you want fatty and unhealthy foods even more. This is also a major contributor of growing obesity around the world. As stress and work levels increase, time for exercise gets less and less till it stops completely. In contrast, the want of food increases. So the only way to beat obesity and get fit and healthy is by not skipping exercise and skipping an unhealthy meal instead. Remember that each workout session you miss adds width to your waistline.

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