I Have Never Been For Colon Hydrotherapy

Dear Diary,

I have a secret. I don’t know how to begin…but I must.  I have kept shameful truth to myself for very long now and I just can’t anymore. I suffer from a case of severe Constipation (There I said it!). I have done everything that I could do to help myself. I have visited a zillion doctors, taken pills, portions, weird concoctions made by self-proclaimed “natural healer” aunt and everything and all that you could imagine. But still nothing helped. But one agonizing evening when I was holding my stomach in sheer discomfort, my friend (who knows this dirty secret about me) suggested that I try Colon Hydrotherapy. I looked up at her with baffled eyes. “Huh? What?

She explained.

Colon hydrotherapy or a Colonic Irrigation as it called is safe and effective method of cleansing the colon with water. It helps to eliminate stored fecal matter, gas mucus and toxic substances from the colon. Basically its boon for people like me with extreme constipation and all the inside cleaning of the stomach even helps you to lose weight.

I finally had hope.

I called the nearest wellness Spa to make an appointment and the woman in charge told me eat light before the treatment and drink plenty of water. Hmmm.  It sounded simple enough.

I arrived for my appointment super excited.

Step 1

I changed into a thin hospital green gown which opened at the back and paper slippers

Step 2

Then clutching a pamphlet about colonic I climbed aboard a leather table and laid down on my side.

Step 3

My therapist lubricated my rectal area and inserted a lubricated speculam (a rod like thing) and the process began. Surprisingly, there was no is generally no discomfort upon insertion.

Step 4

Next the therapist opens the intake valve of the colonic machine and allows purified warm water to be slowly introduced into my colon.

Step 5

For the next 1 hour minutes she kept on revering the flow and pressure of the water and I could feel that entire liquid splashing round in my intestine.

Step 6

After that the water and waste were gently withdrawn without me even leaving the table! I basically didn’t have to do anything! It was all done by the machine and therapist. Not bad!

I was amazed at the amount of gas and the volume of waste that came out of me. I was also surprised at how the colon therapist could tell from the outflow about my dietary habits and the condition.

The whole process took about one hour and fifteen minutes and cost me about around 5 grand.

But For The First Time In My Life

I feel 10 kg lighter

I am not holding my stomach in pain

I don’t believe all that came out of me

I feel light and airy.


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