Bon Appetit Goes Retail; Interview With Mr. Robin Decher About The Future Of German Meat Products In India.

German Style Pork Snail Sausage
Pork Curlies
German Style Chicken Sausage Mediterranean Flavor
Chicken Sausage with Chives
German Style Bockwurst
Pork Bockwurst

By Neha Ghosh

Bon Appetit, India’s first German first-class brand for high-class and old-style German Pork and Chicken foodstuffs has finally ventured into retail. For the uninitiated, Bon Appetit brings the finest German flavor into our supermarket next door as the demand for pork and chicken products high in nutrition gave reason to their master butcher to apply their German experiences and hygienic standards for a modern conscious India.

I caught up with Mr. Robin Decher, Business Development Manager of Bon Appetit to find out their reason for going retail and whether, India has a market for German style meat.

1. Tell us something about you. What is your role Bon Appetit Food Chain Pvt. Ltd?

Robin: I joined Arthur’s Food Company when it was a start-up. We sat together in the living room with our laptops, working out strategies and how we start. I travelled to Chennai, Goa, Cochin, Pondicherry, Mumbai and Delhi to build up our distributor network and doing trade shows to explore the market. My role is to develop the business, find promotion partners and explore new market opportunities. Currently I am taking care of the retail market entry of our brand Bon Appetit.

2. Tell us 3 USP’s of your company. When was it founded?

Robin:The company started with operational business in September 2011.

All our Bon Appetit products are free of soya, free of lactose and free of artificial colorants. Not only the food is processed with state-of-the-art machinery, but also our entire plant runs on newest solar systems, a water-recycling plant and on ISO 22000:2005 hygiene standards.

We offer 9 exotic and extraordinary products that are not in the market so far. We have a variety of flavors whether it is an intensive cheese that runs over your tongue, the herby Chicken Sausages with Chives, the Garlic Krakauer or the unique Pork Curlies, the perfect BBQ Sausage of 150g for real meat lovers.

Although our products are of highest standards, we want to be accessible for everyone. Our Chicken Sausages with Chives are already available at 99Rs per 150g.

3. Is there rise in demand of German Pork and Chicken products in India? If yes, what do you think is the primary reason?

Robin: India is very curious about new tastes. Especially the Italian cuisine and the concept of open-barbeques at restaurants are experiencing a gigantic boom. Pork has never been a big issue. Those who eat non-veg items are usually happy to try pork as well. However, many customers of ours are living a very modern lifestyle and feel a constant lust to explore more than the average. For us, the season usually happens between November and March, when even more tourists come to India.

4. What makes German meat products better than the rest?

Robin: Germany is known for its sausages like India is known for its Biryanis and Tandoori Chicken. We produce with German machines, we use German ingredients, produce according to German recipes and most important, our German Master Butcher has a long-term experience of over 39 years. What makes German meat products better than the rest is the authenticity that you taste in the product.

5. The company has finally ventured into retail. What promoted this action?

Robin: We always wanted to go into retail, because it was a vision to enrich the Indian market and satisfy the demand of many NRI’s, Expats, Tourists and hobby chefs. Of course, we never knew that we will be able to come out with 9 products and provide such a big palette of different tastes.

6. Do you think Bon Appetit can compete with already established brands like Venky’s chicken, Zorabian Foods and the others?

Robin: I think it is hard to compare the products since we have a complete different range. Our products are smoked in a real smoking chamber and hence have an authentic smoking flavor. Furthermore, we offer cooked sausages, like the Pork Bratwurst or the Chicken Nuremberger. All our sausages are completely different to the existing products. In addition, we do not scare any competition, because of very reasonable pricing.

7. Future plans?

Robin: First of all, we want to fully use our distribution network and be available from Assam to Cochin. In the year 2013, we want to conquer the market and shorten the way of the consumer to taste our products.

Incase you are curious, their products can be used for various delicious recipes as well. Check the one mentioned below and let us know if you enjoyed it. Bon Appetit!

Bon App Bratwurst
Bon App Bratwurst

For the first time in India, you will find German Bratwurst, Krakauer, Nuremberger, Cheese Sausage in modern retail stores. For more information, you may check out our blog:, website:, and facebook:

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