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Jump Start Your Fat Loss In The Morning.

Image Credit: www.
Image Credit: www.

By Neha Ghosh

Trying to lose that last couple of pounds and the extra flab but alas without any success? It’s time to kick start your fat loss as soon as you get up in the morning.

‘Should I try the new cookie diet’?

‘Maybe I need to exercise harder’!

‘I am eating healthy…but still…’

Losing weight has been one of the most burning issues amongst men and women since time immemorial. Mankind has stepped on the moon and invented the nuclear bomb but still has been unable to figure out an effective and fool proof way of losing weight. Probably no other issue has been the cause of millions of articles, shows, debates, theories, research studies, diet plans and agony.

But still, the answer eludes us. How does one lose fat? The answer to that varies, as different experts will have different opinion and solutions. But some facts remain constant and it is an undeniable fact that fat loss is a gradual process. We know you have heard that line a zillion times before, but think of it this way; you didn’t put on that extra weight in one day, right? It took years of eating unhealthy for the waist line to increase, then how can you expect to lose the weight in a day or week?  It takes some patience and some smart tricks to fool your body to burn the fat faster, and the best time to kick-start your metabolism is in the morning.

Fool The Body!

The good news is that when you are sleeping, your metabolism is working to ensure that it burns as much collected fat as it can. So when you wake up in the morning, your metabolism needs the fuel to keep working harder and faster. Simply put, if you eat right at this time your weight will just melt away.

Ready to take action?
Ready to take action?

Read on the simple tips mentioned below and you will realize that burning fat is simpler than you thought, especially if it’s done the first thing in the morning.

  • Eat something within the first 5 minutes of getting up. It could be a fruit or a glass of milk or digestive biscuits. This will ensure that your metabolism does not slow down.
  • Start your day with ten almonds soaked overnight and a glass of warm water with honey and lime. This is an excellent way to detox your body and get rid of the overnight collected waste and toxins.
  • Fruits are your friend! There is no better way to jump start your metabolism rate in the morning than loading up on all kinds of fruits. They fuel the metabolism and energise your body for the hectic day ahead.
  • Avoid fried food! We know you love it but avoid eating heavy, oily and fried food such as chole bhature, samosa, puri sabzi the first thing in the morning. This will just sabotage your weight loss programme.
  • Don’t start your day with tea or coffee! We know this will come as a great shock to all the people who demand their caffeine the first thing in the morning but here is something that has been holding back your fat loss. Starting your day with tea or coffee does not boost your metabolism but very rudely kick-starts it after which it just crashes. Eat a fruit first and then have your tea or coffee.Who says the first meal has to be boring? Egg whites, whole wheat bread, multigrain bread, fruits, cereals, skimmed milk, grilled sandwiches, poha, idli  dosa, parantha, cheese, milkshakes all make an excellent weight loss food in the morning and they taste good too.

Simple enough, huh? Just stick to the above list and before you can say ‘Timbuktu’ you will notice that the stubborn weight has melted away and you are looking fabulous!



  1. Thanks for the information! That’s interesting about coffee/tea in the morning. It actually makes since because whenever I drink it, I always lose my appetite, hints my metabolism slowing down. Also, I like to work out in the mornings on occassion and I’m usually strapped for time. If I eat right when I wake up, do I need to allow time to digest? (I like a tablespoon of peanut butter or a handful of nuts) Have a great weekend!!


  2. That is why the AND says that a vegetarian weight loss program needs to be “appropriately planned.” Merely dropping certain meals out of your weight-reduction plan is not the best way to go if you happen to’re interested by sustaining good
    well being, a excessive vitality stage, and robust muscle mass and bones.


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