The Perks Of Walking [infographic]


I love walking. Actually, I AM a walker. I walk everywhere and as much as I can (give me walking over running any day!)  To the grocery store, to the mall, gym, park, you name it.  It started for me in college when after a hard day of yelling professors and submissions, I would walk back home. BTW, my home was around 5 km from my college.  It was so simple! I would just put on some music and start walking (the fact that my college was next to the ocean also helped) and I would be exhausted and happy by the time I would reach home.

Today, walking is a part of my life and I do it mostly subconsciously. I don’t take the bus if I can help it and I mostly wear flats so that I walk comfortably at all times.  The result of all the walking is that I have extremely strong and sturdy legs and my core strength is not bad either.

I wanted to share with you all the benefits of walking but thankfully I came across this wonderful infographic which does the job for me.

So read, enjoy and start walking. The benefits are amazing, trust me!


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