Don’t Let Work Stress Come Home With You; But How?

Are you taking your work stress home?
Are you taking your work stress home?

Early morning traffic rush to get to office…lunch meeting, approaching deadline for the presentation, achieving targets, office politics, nagging boss, and annoying colleagues…phew!

Don’t we all wish to go back to the early and stress free college days where life and simple and uncomplicated unlike the madness of work and adult life?  But alas! Unless a time travel machine gets invented soon to transform that thought into reality one needs to understand and accept that stress at workplace is inevitable!  After all it’s a competitive world my friend and as you climb the ladder of your career, get that office with a view and fat paycheck every month  it’s pretty safe to say that stress comes along as an unwanted bonus.

Time To De-stress!

Unfortunately, even after leaving office at the end of the day most people forget to leave the stress behind.  It’s a baggage they carry everywhere especially back at home.

We can hear you say “So what’s the big deal? I just can’t forget my day’s tension and just drop it”!

But that’s exactly the point!

Your work life is important for sure but it should not be your ENTIRE life. In this hectic life once comfortably spend 8-12 hours at workplace every day with lots of annoying factors. But the most important thing to ask yourself is “Do I want to create the same stress at home”?  We are sure that your answer to that is NO and in order to do that one must remember that your work life and home life are two separate existences and merging the two will cause nothing but sheer chaos.

Still confused? Ok…imagine this. You had a tough day at work and so get home in a bad mood. The first thing you do is start complaining to your spouse or parents about how rotten the day was. The more you complain and crib, the more aggravated you get and in turn you are passing on your stress and tension to the listener. After you are tired of complaining feel a slightly better because the load is off the chest you will realize that you have passed on your tension to the listener and invariably the atmosphere of the whole house is corrupted!

Was It Worth It?

So the next you have a stressful day at office follow the tips below to calm yourself:

    •  After you have finished your work don’t rush to leave the office. Instead take 10-15 minutes to calm yourself and do some light activity such as listening to a song, surfing the net, chatting with a college.  This will help to detoxify the tension of the day.
    • Before reaching home do something that you find calming. It could be anything like going for coffee alone, a quick walk in a park, meeting up with friends for a quick drink.  This will ensure that the day’s tension is washed away before you get home.
    • Don’t discuss work and how irritating your boss is as soon as you get home.  Take your time, relax, spend time with your family members, or watch a movie. Remember that it is your home and not a branch of your office.

Get a hobby! This may sound silly but having a hobby will ensure that you have a life outside work and something to look forward to at the end of the day. Dancing, painting, playing guitar, pottery, cooking…what’s your pick?

Now since you have some tricks your sleeve to tackle stress optimize it fully  and remember that nothing is worth the stress specially if it’s affecting your home.

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