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Cheddar Polenta with Smoked Sausage and Vegetables


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Dinner of Herbs

Cheddar Polenta with Smoked Sausage and Vegetables

Gloop is not really my favourite dish.

I have to admit, polenta kind of turns into a gloopy substance, but the taste was very good.  The texture was even kind of comforting.  You can evidently add lots of cheese and butter, but I found the butter unnecessary, and not much cheese necessary either.  I decided to opt out of the safer parmesan cheese and try the extra sharp cheddar I had leftover from the Cheddar Edamame Quinoa Bake I made earlier this week.

The smoked sausage was the perfect complement to the creamy, faintly cheesy polenta.  The vegetables added some desirable crisp and crunchiness to the dish.

turkey smoked sausage and vegetables

I do not know a whole lot about smoked sausage, but I knew it is not a very healthy item.  Fortunately, I found some turkey smoked sausage.  I compared it to the more typical beef smoked sausage and was quite impressed with the…

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