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Recipe: Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Dinner of Herbs

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust | Dinner of Herbs

Somehow I made it about 19 years into my life before I ate a sweet potato.

Such a travesty.  But do not worry, that situation has been remedied!  I’ve used the past few years to make up for those sweet potato-less days.  Hasselback sweet potatoes stuffed with apple slices, cranberries, and pecans, sweet potato biscuits, spicy sweet potato fries, and even just plain sweet potato have all been enjoyed immensely.

sweet potato pizza crust healthy whole wheat

I mentioned my deep love for sweet potato biscuits a month or two ago.  That recipe (and finding this recipe while browsing wordpress one day) was the inspiration and starting point for this recipe.  If sweet potato can be incorporated into a biscuit, why not a pizza crust?  I knew I would need to reduce the stickiness of the biscuit dough to make a manageable pizza dough, so I decreased the milk and butter.  To make it more pizza dough-like…

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