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Pesto Artichoke Pizza

Pesto Artichoke Pizza

Dinner of Herbs

Pesto Artichoke Pizza  Dinner of Herbs

My stomach was very happy.

I did not realize that my stomach could feel happy.  I definitely knew that it could feel distinctly unhappy…but mostly it feels indifferent.

That was not the case after eating this pizza.  You know how you feel about 1/3 of the way into a super-delicious, super-satisfying meal after suffering rafter-rattling stomach growls due to intense starvation?  A third of the way into the meal, you are still quite hungry but no longer feel close to collapse, and you have not yet over-compensated and eaten too much.  With reckless abandon, you are still enjoying whatever deliciousness you managed to finally get your hands on, and your stomach is oh-so-grateful.  Yeah, that’s the best way to describe how a stomach feels happy.  What was even better, was that I felt this way AFTER eating the pizza.  I did not have to suffer severe hunger before, and…

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