Do People Choose Their Sexual Orientation?

Is sexuality a lifestyle choice or is it an inborn biological trait?  Image via dailymailuk
Is sexuality a lifestyle choice or is it an inborn biological trait?
Image via dailymailuk

As gay rights activists fight fiercely to end the bias that revolves around sexual orientation, it is quite sad that 70% of people believe that sexual orientation is a matter of choice, according to statistical reports.

To put it more bluntly, do people choose to be gay, or are some people genetically inclined towards homosexuality?

We live in a world where people like to cling to mistaken ideas and old notions because it brings them comfort, sometimes even bring order to the chaos in their life and offers reassurance. And to know that we don’t choose our sexual orientation, but it is rather a biological trait is one such idea.

For parents who blame their children for choosing to be gay, cursing and arguing that they have ‘strayed’, to know these ideas are actually wrong will do nothing but make them flounder helplessly.

Getting Facts Right

Studies after study have proven that sexual orientation is an inborn trait, much like the colour of our eyes, our race or our gender. Yet people look down upon homosexuals, as if they have made the wrong choices in life. Scientific facts have proven that as human beings, we do not choose our sexuality.

Sexual orientation is NOT a choice; we cannot always help who we are attracted to. In fact, sexual preference is innate and while some environmental factors may play some role in sexual identification, they cannot change them.

It isn’t precisely known why some people are attracted towards the opposite sex while others towards the same sex; it is a lot like why some people like a particular food or colour but cannot really give you a reason for it.

What seems to be strange is that no one ever questions heterosexuals about their sexual orientation – are they ‘choosing’ to lead a straight lifestyle? While environmental factors may play some role in sexual identification, study after study has shown that people do not choose their sexual orientation.

Just as you don’t consciously choose your favourite colour or food, you don’t choose what gender you prefer to be attracted to. There are many theories as to why people prefer what they do, but it is not known precisely how it works.

Referring to sexual orientation as “sexual preference” or a “lifestyle choice” is quite common in our society, where we don’t want to accept the facts.

In fact, both these terms are not only incorrect, they are rather nonsensical; a way to avoid comprehending sexual orientation as a biological trait, rather than a conscious choice.

Do Our Genes Decide Our Sexual Orientation?

Sexual orientation is determined by a mixture of genes and environment. Today many researchers are trying to study the gene factor that differentiates between homosexuals or heterosexuals.

Sexual orientation is un-chosen, non-pathological, and immutable. Just like genes decide whether a child will be left handed or right handed, what colour the skin, eyes and hair will be, it also decide sexual orientation.

However, many scientists are trying hard to understand to what extent genes and other pathological factors play a role in contributing to sexual orientation.

Now whether this research is considered crucial and under the scanner to better understand the biological difference between gays and those who are straight, or to completely remove the gene that makes some people gay, will only be known in time.

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