Are You An Athlete? Then Start Eating Ginger

 If you are an athlete then it’s time to start loving ginger for its beneficial properties.

If you are an athlete then it’s time to start loving ginger for its beneficial properties.

Ginger is one item which is distinctive and either you will love it or hate it. But if you are athlete or play a sport, there are some good reasons why you should incorporate ginger in your diet more regularly.

It Helps Deal with Nausea

If you want to cool an unstable stomach, then ginger is your best friend. Many athletes experience the symptoms of nausea or dizziness after a strenuous activity like swimming. But the consumption of ginger either before hitting the water or in transition may help to calm your stomach.

Just make sure you try this trick only during training period as trying something new during the race day might prove tricky.

It Will Boost Your Appetite

Many athletes don’t feel hungry or lose their appetite after races and workout. Since it’s very important for your body to recover and eating assists in that, have a cup of ginger tea after your race or workout to regain your appetite.

Keeps Things Going

Ginger keeps your digestive track in top shape according to The Bastyr Center for Natural Health. By simply consuming 1 to 2 grams of ginger per day either when you are travelling or not will keep stomach related ailments like constipation and diarrhea at bay.

Please note that it’s best to talk to your doctor or therapist before incorporating ginger in your diet. Since contrary effects have been noted in those taking high amounts of ginger (4 grams and higher per day) you should talk to your doctor specifically if you have any bleeding conditions or are taking any medications for issues like anticoagulant/antiplatelet, high blood pressure, or warfarin or warfarin.

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