6 Rules To Follow When Ordering Food Online

Image via www.couponsmasti.in
Ordering food online; how is it different? Why should there be ‘5 cardinal rules’ you ask?
Image via http://www.couponsmasti.in

The sheer scale of ordering food online is staggering! Where before you rummaged for dog-eared flyers in desk drawer for a restaurants phone number, you now have access to every restaurant that delivers food… IN THE WORLD (subject to whether they deliver to you off course, be reasonable).

So, yes there are rules and they are Cardinal!

Rule No. 1: Try Something New

You now have what may seem like an unlimited number of restaurants with unlimited cuisines just one click away. Then why stick to the same? Why be safe? Be brave!

Order that dish on the menu with the funny name and no description or be semi-brave and order the dish on the menu with a regular name and description, but you were just too boring to try before!

Rule No. 2: Share Your Order

Most food order websites have an option of sharing your order with other users. This is so users can tell you if something on your menu is completely rubbish or recommend something that is truly saliva inducing from the same restaurant. It’s as good as asking the waiter at a restaurant ‘What would you recommend?’

Rule No. 3: Be Specific; Use the Instruction Box!

You know after every online order there’s this tiny empty text box that appears that’s usually titled ‘remarks’ or ‘instructions’? It’s there simply because the caring food order website wants to know the best method of getting your food to you. For Example, ‘leave the food with my neighbor in flat 14, I will collect it from there.’ Or ‘My watchman has shark teeth and will attempt to eat the delivery boy, please be careful’

Rule No. 4: Tip Well

That hardworking soul, who weaves through traffic and gives Formula 1 a run for its money, does what he does so you can eat your meal as soon as possible. The delivery boy deserves that 10-20% tip. Besides, it’s going to help you in the long run.

As a wise fatty once said ‘A good tiper will always get his due before a lousy one’

Rule No. 5: Pay Online, Its Ok

Let go of the paranoia already! Relax. Nobody is going to take your money if you pay online! Most websites are certified by popular payment gateways. Its upto you to check if the website you are using is certified.

Plus, websites also securely save your details. So the next time you order you don’t have to type those annoying credit/debit card details again! Sure, cash on delivery is great! But you have that cash with you, the delivery boy might or might not have change and the time you spend looking for change, your food will stand there, getting cold, dying.

Rule No 6: Give Feedback

Found hair in your soup? Had a meal that reminded you of your mothers cooking? Found that Monday blues happy meal? Did your meal smell of feet? Then share your experience!

Most food order websites either send you an email asking you if you enjoyed your meal or you can simply voluntarily.

DeliveryChef.in is a fast, convenient & cost-effective platform through which you can order food for delivery from your local restaurants, bakeries & other eateries. You can order from your neighborhood udipi, to McDonald’s, Subway, Indigo Deli, Brijwasi, MOD or even Baskin Robbins. Click. Eat. Enjoy

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