Review: The Real Deal Behind the RiteBite Protein Bars


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Allow me to paint a picture for you. In a perfect world, I would wake up after a refreshing night of sleep at 5 am. Once up, I would have hit the mat and practice one hour of revitalizing yoga followed by a meditation session and then a healthy and nourishing breakfast (which I would make btw) before leaving for work.  I would be energetic and excited about the day ahead because you know, who wouldn’t be? After all, waking up super early and doing the yogi-type-coo-stuff has its perks.

But here’s what actually happens.

I wake up at 8 am (thanks to my ever-faithful Sleep Cycle application) after tossing and turning in bed for better part of the night. I am slightly fatigued since I went to bed late and I am customarily run late for work.


Yoga=Yea, right!

Mediation=I will do some deep breathing stuff in the taxi on my way to work.

Healthy and nourishing breakfast= Does a bar of snicker count?

Yup, that’s exactly how my average day looks like. Lunch is usually a whole wheat sandwich with coffee and if I manage to hit the gym, then my post-workout snack is basically, nothing because I don’t get the time to pack anything.

So when the executives at Naturell India requested me to review their protein bars, I was excited and skeptical at the same time. Excited because this seems like an answer for the hunger pangs that hits me during late afternoon or just generally any time, but most importantly, probably this is a great option for a post-workout meal. I was also skeptical because I was not sure, whether these bars would actually be tasty (the issues I have, I know).

But then some time passed.

I have been consuming these bars for the past two weeks mainly for breakfast and as a post- workout snack, and to be honest, I am not disappointed, but on the contrary, quite pleased. Out of the three tastes, the Choco Slim flavor has totally hit the spot and a single bar keeps me full for a very long time. They are kind of heavy to be honest, but satisfying (I usually manage to finish only half the bar).

Are they healthy? Yes. These bars provide 20gms of protein (to get 20g of protein we need to consume half litre of Milk or three eggs three cups of Dal (lentil), 5gms fiber, omega 3 and a blend of 21 vitamins & minerals in each bar.

The Bars are a complete meal replacement bar for people like me who are having lunch in their car, metro or between meetings. But I would personally recommend them as a post-workout meal.

Your flavor options:

Choco Slim
Choco Slim

Choco Slim: This sugar free bar has a sweet candied taste of chocolate brownie.

Choco Fudge
Choco Fudge

Choco Fudge: Rich in cocoa, the bar has got a dominating nutty flavor forming a perfect choice for chocolate lovers.

Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon: The impeccable blend of honey and lemon gives this bar a unique nectarous and tangy flavor which makes it interesting.

I still don’t manage to wake up at 5 am and making breakfast happens only once in a while, but I try to keep my favorite, the Choco Slim bar in my purse at times. Who knows, when I might need an energy boost, right?

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