7 Strangest Sex Fetishes: Do You Have One?

What causes fetishes? There’s no clear answer. “Why would a man develop a mask fetish?” asks Dr. Barry McCarthy, a therapist in Washington, D.C. “Could be something he read as a kid that’s tied to 16th century Spain, who knows.”

Whatever is causing the fetish, he says, it takes control of the individual’s sexuality.

We have listed for you the strangest 6 fetishes. Take your pick!

1. Agalmatophilia: Mannequin Love

Ever hear about motorists who stick a mannequin in the front seat just so they can sneak their way into the carpool lane? Well, some people use mannequins not in the car but in the bedroom. People with mannequin love, or agalmatophilia, may also be attracted to a doll or statue.

2. Partialism/Gas Pedal Honeys

Some people are turned on sexually by a specific body part – for example, a woman’s high-heeled foot. There are many websites devoted to so-called partialism, including those who love “gas pedal honeys,” images of stilettos on a gas pedal.

3. Salirophilia: I Like It Dirty

Showering before sex maybe the routine for some people. Others like the idea of getting dirty during sex – literally – or making their partner dirty,. This fetish is called salirophilia.

Some salirophiliacs like to smear the makeup, mess up the hair, or rip the clothing of their partner.

4. Paraphilic Infantilism: Diaper Me

Diapers aren’t for babies only. Just ask guys (and it’s mostly guys) with a fetish known as paraphilic infantilism, which involves wearing diapers and pretending to be an infant.

5. Odaxelagnia: Bite Me

Do you like to bite your partner? Or maybe you find being bitten a turn-on? You don’t have to have a vampire fetish to have what’s called odaxelagnia.

6. Dacryphilia: Are Those Tears?

Do you enjoy making people cry? No, not at the office, silly, in the bedroom. A person who gets turned on by tears – and maybe the emotional intensity that comes after making nice with his/her “victim” – is called a dacryphiliac.

7. Autoandrophilia: Just Pretend I’m a Boy

Women who are turned on by dressing up as and/or imagining themselves as men have a fetish known as autoandrophilia. Both heterosexual and homosexual women can apply.

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