Review: Cold Pressed Juices by Juicifix

The Go Green and
The Go Green and Orange Strawberry ( L-R)

I love to review great new healthy products! And it gives me great joy in reviewing the two flavours of cold pressed juices, Orange Strawberry and Go Green  by Juicifix.

Hey there, how are you doing today? Did you get the chance to read my last post about the trend of cold pressed juice? Well, when you get the time do check it out. Especially if you exercise and are keen to explore incorporate new and healthy ways to upgrade your diet. So in the article I explored the benefits of choosing cold pressed juices over packaged ones.

For those of you who are slightly confused (trust me, I was confused as hell too before I read up about it!) Cold Pressed Juices are made by applying very high pressure to raw juice. When raw fruits and vegetables go through a cold-pressed juicer, they tend to keep the greatest amount of nutrients, otherwise lost out on when juice goes through heat process.

Now the other methods of juicing involving fruit and veg being sliced by spinning blades can overheat and oxidise the juice, resulting in nutrient loss – and a less palatable end result

That’s why when Juicifix, a Mumbai based cold pressed juice company sent J me 2 of their most popular Juices for review, I was pleased! Firstly because you can’t find cold pressed juices in Mumbai easily and secondly, chilled juices for review? Comon!

So the flavors I received were Go Green and Orange Strawberry.

Go Green: Meant for Dietetics and people who are looking to detox, Go green is a mix of all the greens. Smooth and light, this one tasted surprisingly good.

Orange Strawberry: Now this one was interesting. Thick and pulpy, this one took a while to finish and the texture of the drink was chewy. I like!


Cold pressed juices from Juicfix is fresh a delicious. But it’s also expensive so I am not sure about its feasibility as a daily consumptions drink. But now that I know that my packaged juice is not doing much for my body I am going to stop consuming packaged juices. Cold pressed juices? Yes!

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