4 Best Yoga Videos on YouTube

4 Best Yoga Videos on YouTube

I have been practicing yoga for a while now (8 years to be precise). Even though I love a good sweaty session, I don’t always get the time to attend a class. That’s when I turn to YouTube to help me find a teacher and a solid class. Now YouTube is filled with a plethora of teachers, channels, classes…all you need to do is pick. But yes, it can tedious (unless you don’t mind combing through the videos).

But here’s the deal. I have selected the top 4 yoga videos on YouTube for all the folks out there. Now this is curated list and it’s fabulous! Every single one of them because it each serves a distinct purpose. I have tried them all and can vouch for one thing; these teachers are amazing and effective. Which one is your favorite?

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

Why this is so good? She is tough and her instructions are clear. This session should be called  ‘Yoga Interval Training’ since it works out every muscle in the body in just 35 min. Don’t be fooled though. It’s not an easy session and you will need to work! But totally worth it.

Reed Taylor: Athletic Training Level 3

Why this is so good? This yoga workout is intense and advanced. I usually substitute the handstands and headstands with a vinayasa but the entire session is solid and as good as it gets. The lack of any background music ensures that you focus only on the asanas and Reed’s directions are crisp and no-frills. Love!

Christen Mcgee: Power Yoga

Why this is so good? I consider Christen Mcgee my yoga guru. My first yoga class ever was this video and I have been a fan ever since. I must have practiced this session 100 times (  yup, its that good). She is amazing and this session targets the entire body and if you are an amateur, you can just begin your practice.

Bob Harper: Yoga for the Warrior

Why this is so good? This is not a mellow session, hell no! It’s tough. Borderline brutal and Bob makes sure you get through. His no nonsense commands are not sugar coated but so effective.  If you are looking for an easy session, then this one is not for you. Want to push yourself with calisthenics and yoga poses? Hello!

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