Paleo + Vegan Diet: Can Pegan Diet Help with Weight Loss?

Tired of trying one diet after the other without much success? Move over Atkins, Zone diet and Weight Watchers…there is a new kid on the block – the PEGAN or Paleo + Vegan Diet. Veganism could be the key to losing all that unwanted weight, according to a study released in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

Now you may be wondering — what could the meat heavy Paleo and the all vegetarian Vegan diet have in common? We’ll let you in on the secrets that has taken the health and wellness industry by a storm!


Both the Paleo and the Vegan diets come with dietary restrictions. You get the best of both the worlds and combining the best of the Paleo and Vegan components because this becomes a surprisingly sustainable diet that is easy to adopt as a lifestyle change.

Combining the principles of Paleo and Veganism reduces the specific dietary restriction associated with these diets, and hence the dieter gets a better balanced diet in regards to macronutrients. Think of the PEGAN as a very clean, modified Paleo diet.

One of the biggest problems associated with Paleo and Vegan diets is that they are hard to follow. On a Paleo diet, you start to miss out on healthy grains. And a Vegan diet may mean you don’t get enough proteins.

How to Eat a PEGAN Diet?

The PEGAN diet involves cherry picking aspects from veganism and Paleo diet to create a healthy, well rounded diet. IT consists of 75% fruits and vegetables and 25% animal protein and high quality fats.

The PEGAN lifestyle endorses the vegan plant-based approach pairing it with the nourishing addition of high quality meat and eggs. PEGAN food must not be genetically engineered and should preferably be organic. The emphasis is on quality meat and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, olive and coconut oils. So instead of a big juicy steak, the PEGAN diet encourages you to eat several vegetable dishes along with some grilled fish or lean cuts of white meats. Like Paleo, the PEGAN diet avoids gluten, as well as inflammatory oils such as canola, sunflower, corn and the controversial soybean. What’s better, going PEGAN can be a great detox cleanse for your body!

What to Eat on a PEGAN Diet?

  • Meat from grass-fed and antibiotic-free animals – basically organic
  • Lots of seasonal fruits and vegetable, as they make 75% of the diet
  • High quality fats like Avocado oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil and nuts rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Healthy grains like quinoa and wild rice, making sure all breads are gluten-free
  • Lentils, beans and legumes as they are a powerhouse of proteins

Bear in mind, the PEGAN diet doesn’t allow you to eat dairy products, soy products and sugars.

So what do you think? Ready to try the Pegan Diet?


  1. Seema

    What a great idea! This is the first I’ve heard of this diet, but I would believe it’s definitely likely to help a lot of people! Neha, Have you ever heard of the Blood Type Diet? It tends to line up with a lot of “Peganism,” but allowing for specific variations based on the evolutionary digestive type of our bodies (as determined by our blood type). Eating a diet that is specifically tailored to the personal reactions our bodies have to each food is also an eastern tradition in diet and medicine.


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