Top 5 Running Apps You Should Know About

Halleluiah for technology! These days, if you want to stay fit, you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of money on expensive, hefty gym or fitness equipment. All you need is your trusted Smartphone, and you can whip yourself in to great shape in no time.

You also have running apps supported by all Smartphone platforms now – iOS, Android, Windows phone etc.

And since summers are here and it’s time to flaunt your hot body, here are the top 5 running apps that will nudge you to beat the bulge.

1. RunKeeper



The most loved running app across the world, it’s available for both iOS and Android platforms with a free download. It’s enriched with wonderful features that allow you to:

  • Track your run time
  • Provides regular stats and also saves them onto their website so you know you’re improving
  • Checks your pace
  • Share the data on social networks

Download RunKeeper at:

2. C25K



Always thought that running was too challenging and you didn’t know where to start?

As the name suggests, Couch to 5K is an app that will literally motivate you to get off that couch and start running 5km! Perfect for beginners, C25K is a step-by-step program that is designed to take you through a 9 week training regime, post which you will be able to run 3.1 miles or 5 km.

The app offers:

  • A training guide where you will alternate between walking and running until you can run 5k.
  • Track your performance.
  • Offers lots of motivation to become your ‘personal trainer’.
  • It’s very easy to use.

Download C25K at:

3. Endomondo



Much like RunKeeper when it comes to tracking your success, Endomondo is more of a ‘social’ running app. You can socialize over your runs to compare running routes and running time with your social group and then test it against your own running abilities.

The app allows you to:

  • Track running distance, duration and speed.
  • Check running routes.
  • Create challenges for your route as well as running time.
  • Get your own audio coach and check hydration.
  • Post your workouts on Facebook.
  • Compete with friends and also offer them pep talks.
  • Check running history to analyze your own performance.

Download Endomondo at:

4. Zombies, Run!



This one is for all you gamers! If you prefer games to actual running, Zombies, Run could be all the motivation you need. Think about it…the app is designed to make you run as fast as you can because you are being chased by a pack of brain-dead zombies on your tail!

While the app was initially released for iOS, it became so successful that now it’s also available for Android and Window phones.

It offers you a chance to:

  • Excellent way to turn ‘exercise time’ in to ‘game time’.
  • Enjoy a super immersive running game where you run to save your life.
  • Comes with cool audio where you can hear the Zombies catching up with you; all the motivation you need to up your own game!
  • You collect ‘supplies’ on your run like you would with a regular game and grow your base to ‘protect’ yourself.

Download Zombies, Run at:

5. Nike + Running



Powered by Nike, the Nike + Running app is a wonderful choice for serious runners. The app provides all possible features you’d want from a loyal running companion, along with lots of motivation with a ‘power’ song as well as a live cheering crowd!

It’s got so much to offer you, like:

  • Running stats – distance, duration, speed etc.
  • Sharing capabilities on Facebook where your friends can cheer you on to do better.
  • GPS running tracker.
  • Ability to set up a power-song to boost you up.
  • Works without any additional accessories, so just take your phone and go!

Download Nike + Running at:

While these are the top 5 running apps to whip you into shape, there are a few other noteworthy mentions like – MapMyRun, iSmoothRun, Strava and Lose It!

Some improve your running style, while others allow you to build one that is best suited to your specific needs. So download the app that best piques your interest, and Get Running!

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