I Am a Fitness Blogger yet I Am Addicted To Fries and Cold Coffee

Did I mention that I am also a certified nutritionist? Even though I scorn enjoying their takeaways from MacDonald’s in the name of lunch, but I haven’t learned to love seaweed chips yet.

The truth is I don’t alter my diet based events on occasion. I don’t believe in losing weight to fit in to a dress. I don’t make food resolutions. I love oily home fries ( not the sweet potato version) and cold coffee with vanilla ice-cream. And then is there dark chocolate cupcake which has my name written all over it. Just like millions of people across the globe, I love + like my junk food. Now, that’s a bit ironic in my mind, because I am fitness blogger, marathoner, crossfit fan and a nutritionist. I also train amateur runners and devise nutrition plan for maximum output.

Maybe they should opt for a more health aware expert who relies on green smoothies to bust the mid-afternoon slump? Maybe. Sometimes the idea does cross my mind that they deserve someone as their role model who has firmly cut out that is unhealthy, over processed, and burdened with sugar and lard.

Most folks are riddled with some or the other kind of ailments. Low blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, belly fat, overweight, the list goes on. I on the other hand, even with my dietary leeways; suffer from none of it because I know when to stop and I do my best even with my failings, so I eat my seaweed chips and chia seeds. I apply all that I have learned when I go grocery shopping and even though I am not a fan of spinach, I incorporate a portion in all my meals.

I know the word “Balance” is overused in the fitness world but I have finally understood what it means. So, even when I have my afternoon cold coffee, I don’t forsake my broccoli salad for dinner, even though I am not a fan of how it tastes. I am still learning about food and the way it impacts our lives, but that’s why I consider myself as a pretty food teacher as well.

How do you know manage your bad eating habits? I would love to know.

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  1. Nida

    Hi Neha!
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  2. Sameer Siddiqui

    I know balancing is the most common thing that we should keep in mind while doing anything, but I really wanted to know that only by balancing anyone can loose their weight. Sometimes I know where I need to stop but it doesn’t help me. So I burn my calories in the gym like others. Can you please tell me where I need to stop or what I can do for balancing my diet. Great Stuff !!


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