Colour Blindness; What You Need To Know

Colour blindness is an eye disorder faced by many people who are unable to differentiate between colours.

In scientific terms, colour blindness is known as Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), wherein a person is unable to differentiate between certain pairs of colours like Red/Green or Blue/Yellow.

We all have three different types of cones in our retina: red, green and blue. A person suffering with colour blindness is missing one or more of these cones or have them malfunctioning. The human retina has two kinds of light cells and three kinds of cones that contain different pigments. These cones identify different colours to a different degree.

How Does It Affect You?


The only major symptom of this disorder is the absence of colour vision or the inability to differentiate between colours like red, green, blue or yellow.

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Colour blindness is a genetic disorder affecting more number of men than women all across the globe. This is because the gene that is affected in colour vision is the X chromosome. Men have only one X chromosome where as women have two X chromosome.

In some cases, colour blindness is caused by congenital abnormality. Few other causes of this disorder could be a side effect of some drugs, chronic eye diseases, retinal or optic nerve damage and aging of the lens of the eyes.

People suffering with colour blindness are unable to differentiate between the signal lights and this can be dangerous. Therefore, they are usually prohibited from driving and using machineries. It is also one of the most important factors considered for defense and certain commercial job roles.

With great advancement of medical science and technology, it is not really difficult to diagnose colour blindness. There are various types of colour blindness test done by eye specialist that helps to know the exact problem area and the severity of the deficiency. Lantern test, CAD test, chart test, hue test and there are few more recognized eye tests from all round the globe to test colour vision.

For years it has been proven there is no treatment for this deficiency as it is caused by the cone cells inside of our eyes being irregular and it is not possible to replace or fix the bad cells.

But few eye clinics have researched and developed treatment for colour blindness. This is a natural treatment wherein the doctors rejuvenate the cone cells responsible for colour perception by stimulating the neurotrophic factors in the retina. These treatments have been proven successful and have improved visual activity of many patients across the world.

As there is no way one can prevent this ailment, it is best advised to get regular eye check-ups done if in any case you observe any symptoms of colour blindness. Early diagnoses and natural treatment procedures can certainly help treat this disorder.

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