Is Fitness The Key to A Happier and Healthier Lifestyle?

Working-out can be a boring chore and become repetitive, especially when you’re going to the same gym day in day out. What day is it again? Oh yeah, leg day.

Seeing the same machines in the same spot with the same people on them, motivation gone down… There will come a point when we need a new fitness inspiration, a boost, something that will put us back in the game and make us feel great about ourselves again.

Have you ever considered martial arts as the next workout to try?

Learning to grapple and strike to defend yourself is a useful skill to possess.

What’s fascinating about this exercise is that; not only it is a great workout but the skills developed in the art can be very beneficial to us in our everyday lives.

Martial arts go much deeper than a punch or a kick and could potentially lead to a more positive you.

As all of us get caught up in this busy world, sometimes we just need to take a moment to ourselves and breathe. Martial arts will teach you that breathing and slowing down is very important to our bodies, the techniques of the art will help lower your stress levels and relieve tension improving our mood and overall attitude. Research says it can actually make you happier as the skills you learn will put the Zen back into your mind and body training you to become more focused. The stillness of the skill will teach you to be patient and calm.

You will take away great morals and valuable life lessons which will impact and transition into your everyday life.

Participating in activities like martial arts can boost your cardiovascular health which means maintaining a healthy heart and blood flow in your body. Research says that this can reduce the risks of heart attacks. Flexibility and reflexes will increase as martial arts will teach you to be more proficient and fast, you’d be surprised how this can carry out to everyday tasks.

Weight loss plays a huge part because one session can have you burning up to 500 calories! Soon you will notice your stamina, muscle tone and strength will advance with this high aerobic workout. You’re going to feel amazing about yourself, looking in great shape in no time boosting with self confidence.

From building confidence to weight loss, martial arts helps achieve both the goals

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If you are struggling on how to get started and totally want to give martial arts a shot, look no further, you can find everything at Martial Tribes – The first martial arts social networking website where you can connect with instructors anywhere in the world. The platform boasts a wide selection of top trainers each holding their individual style, and you can even train right in your living room if you want to! Keep up to date with the martial arts world, connect and learn through online video blogs, live streaming and more.



  1. LydiaA1614

    I did try karate at one point. I was not that great at it but was enjoying the experience. That was, of course, until I blew out my knee in my first “sparring”. The knee was already in bad shape, and that was the final straw. Ten or so years later I ended up with a full knee replacement. Now I think the closest I would get to martial arts is Tai Chi! I have been interested in trying it so you never know!


  2. Sameer Siddiqui

    I always wanted to enroll for martial arts as it is very beneficial in terms of health as well as in terms of security but I always scared. I think that I am not the capable one for learning this because it requires lot of strength, but after reading this blog I came to know that it not requires as much and it makes you stronger and increases your physical stamina. Thanks!!


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