8 Cool Apps to Foodies and Healthy Eaters

Yes we know, ‘healthy’ is boring. All you want is to party and live your life to the fullest without having to worry about your rising cholesterol level or your thighs taking all the brunt of the pizza you so love. But surely, there needs to be a better way to enjoy a bit more and worry a little less. And there is…. Enter, all mighty apps!

First thing’s first though, you asked for party and we have the right app just for just that, before you turn to the boring… ahem, healthy eating apps.

Work Hard, Party Harder


Rebubliqin is the newest and by far the best app we have come across to get all your needs met for a jolly good time. This app makes it super easy peasy to locate or find a pub or a bar for the perfect get together with your friends or a ‘dinner and drinks’ date with someone special. This android app has a no-nonsense interface and quick functioning that makes it so popular with the users. Within no time, you can zero in on a great place to make your evening memorable with its cool features that show the address, directions to the place and the exact time to reach your desired haven. This app is highly recommended to locate the nearest bar or pub offering happy hours and for a great and pocket friendly experience.

Eat Healthy Live Longer


If you can’t read the labels on the back of a food product, or if you’re anything like me, can’t make the head or tail of it, you can scan the bar code of a packaged food with this app and spill all its dirty secrets.


What makes it a great app is that unlike the other sadist apps that don’t let you eat anything ‘nice’, it lets you substitute the ‘nice’ ingredients with the healthier options.

Whole Foods Recipes

To make things more interesting and convenient, this app has recipes divided as various cuisines like Moroccan or Cajun; as course such as soups or side dish and even as special diets of gluten free or vegan diet etc.

My Fitness Pal

This app for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad is truly your pal when it comes to alerting you on the nutrients and calories your food is packed with and keeping a record of your various meals.


Unless you are nutritionist, it is hardly likely that you would know about all the superfoods that are so healthy and power-packed with nutrients. You can get in-depth information about these superfoods with this app.

Green Kitchen

This a brilliant, but a pricey app for Apple iPhones that suits best to the vegetarians or the ones who are rolling down to the farm to get a whiff of the freshly harvested health.


Just tap on the water cup or bottle icon and track your sipping habits and get mindful reminders from the happy animated droid to help you drink more water at regular intervals.

Image via http://www.imore.com



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