The 5 Best Barefoot Running Shoes

Are you eager to try our barefoot running? Barefoot running is fast becoming popular as the strategy of champion runners.

Runners who run barefoot tend to land on their forefoot or midfoot, with the landing point nearer to the body’s center of mass, and hence minimize chances of running related foot injuries. Barefoot running encourages the runner to use the natural shock-absorbing, spring-like mechanism of the muscles, ligaments and tendons within and around the foot, the ankle, the knee, and the hip. As a result, it does not create an impact transient force spike through joints and causes less collision force to the feet than running in cushioned shoes.

If these benefits have you intrigued, go ahead and try these 5 barefoot running shoes.

This Adipure training shoe lets your feet move like they’re meant to. These are great minimalistic running shoes that also work very well for CrossFit training.


Adidas Adipure Five Finger Unisex Teo Shoes (grey n yellow), INR 2,999

Featuring a polyester lycra stretch mesh and polyester microfiber upper designed to be softer and more comfortable against the skin, these minimalistic running shoes from Vibram have great grip on all surfaces and are so comfortable.

vibram speed youth

Vibram FiveFingers Speed Youth, INR 8,672

Now duplicate the feel of shoeless running while ensuring support and protection. The EZ Slide Drainage features a lightweight high-performance four-way stretch fabric and air mesh upper. It combines the two smallest toes for easy wear, bungee with hook and loop closure at front and back for a secure fit, and a synthetic outsole with texture for traction.


Fila Men’s Skele-Toes Ez Slide Drainage Shoes, INR 12,945

These have excellent arch support and a flexible sole. It does not have individual toe sectioning as the FiveFingers, but it’s knit upper layer fits snugly on the top of the foot like a sock, proving the Nike Free accompanying slogan, “Run Barefoot” is not without merit.

Nike Free

Nike Free 1.0 Cross Bionic 2 Grey Training Shoes, INR 4,672

Stay connected to the ground in the light; the zero-drop platform of the Vapor Glove 2. This trail shoe embodies minimalist running with a thin Vibram outsole that allows for full ground contact and a breathable mesh upper that wraps around your feet like a second skin.


Merrel l Vapor Glove 2 Running Shoes, INR 11,496


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