3 Super cool Products Will Upgrade Your Fitness Levels

I am a total workout rat. That’s why I am always on the lookout for fun and useful products which I can use in the gym and outside to help improve my performance. But let’s be honest. I am sure won’t think twice ( because even I don’t) before putting on your regular gym attire and carrying your boring sipper and those 10-year-old sneakers. But guys, trust me on this, there is some pretty cool stuff you’re missing out on right now. These trendy and useful products are a must have and they are awesome!

The Dual Shaker

These Dual shakers will brighten up your workout sessions completely. They have some exciting colours that you can match with your gym wear. Coming down to how it actually works, they have two compartments where you can store your protein pills and energy drink and it’s also leak-proof because of the German technology they use. Bye- bye boring water sippers! Available in 5 different colours we are absolutely in love with this blue one!

dual_shaker4Shop from: http://shop.dualinnovation.com/ ($23.95)

Iced Towels

Iced towels anyone? Now go for your evening run fearlessly thanks to these magical ice towels. Just put it around your neck or wipe off the heat and sweat and you are good to go!


Shop from: http://amzn.to/1rW1Rs5 ($7.99)

Speed Ropes

Bored of your crowded gym and want to take a break? Then you should get babies so that your fitness levels stay intact. Even though on the slightly pricier side, these one look super sleek and the thin handles improve control and accuracy while turning the rope. There are also eight different coloured handles available.


Shop from: http://rpmfitness.com/ ($52.95)

What do you think of these gym accessories? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Lead image via http://www.self.com/


















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  1. Datrim Singha Ray

    Hey guys just in case you feel short of options then stay calm and explore more depth in variety. A reasonable range of dual shakers, towels & speed ropes on offer and @ a very economical price too. Good Check it out down below –

    Dual shakers:

    Dual shakers:

    Iced towel:

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    Speed ropes:

    Speed ropes:


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