These Yoga Socks Will Make You Want to Hit the Mat

Yoga is all about control, balance, and strength, including your toes and feet. And while you may have been practising it barefoot all your life, yoga socks allow your toes and feet to strengthen through a stretch.

Since your feet are the foundation of everyday performance, investing in toeless yoga socks can instantly improve your grip, comfort, balance, and safety.


freehawk yoga socks

Freehawk NonSlip Skid Yoga Pilates Socks With Grips, INR 1,356

Going barefoot keeps you from slipping when you do some particularly tricky stretches, especially if you’re doing your routine without a yoga mat. In that same vein, socks made specifically for yoga usually come with a slip-resistant sole that makes use of rubber or other similar synthetic substances to give them better grip.


Purpleswan Yoga Socks

Purpleswan Yoga Socks, Non-slip Toeless Style (2 Pair), INR 2,203

Normal socks don’t have that, so don’t think about doing yoga while wearing an everyday pair of tube socks. The unique design of yoga socks allows your toes to splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater stability and more comfort.

Pure Color Yoga Socks

Pure Color Yoga Socks

Pure Color Yoga Socks, INR 990

Performing yoga barefoot can actually increase the risk of injuries and falls. Going barefoot also leaves you vulnerable to fungal infections. Regular socks can’t breathe and trap moisture, which also leads to infection.

Instead, these yoga socks which are engineered with anti-slip grips on the ball, arch, and heel, make sure you’ll be able to feel each yoga pose more fully.

Your fellow yogis will notice the difference, so prepare for compliments on your new socks!

Zara Yoga Socks


Zara Yoga Socks, INR 490

There are many benefits of yoga toe socks.

For example, if you choose the no-slip bottom toe socks, you’ll find yoga movements like the Warrior pose easily to master with the help of increased grip.

Both the anti-slip bottom and regular yoga socks help to keep your posture aligned. Good posture and balance are important goals in yoga. If your feet muscles are not exercised and strengthened along with other body parts, they can atrophy, causing pain or balancing issues.

Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks

Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks

Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks, INR 1,602

Yoga socks keep your feet and toes right where they should be no matter what type of yoga you practice. Yoga socks also keep your feet warm during floor poses and help absorb sweat. If you’re concerned about mat sharing, yoga socks are a great way to ensure cleanliness.

Which ones you loved the most? Let us know in the comments!

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