3 Workout Tights That Will Get You Moving

I am a big fan of good looking sportswear. I mean, if I have to spend one hour at last bending, stretching and lifting, I better look good doing it. Also, good looking workout wear is a big motivator for me to get out of bed and hit the gym and that’s why I am always on the lookout. Mind you, I am not a sucker for only good looks but the gear I pick needs to deliver as well. So materials which bunch up or makes me itch are a big no-no!

So during my recent travels, I came across these brands, two of which are Swedish and their products rock! Stylish, effective and are perfect athleisure wear.

So Sleek!

These Mesh-Panel Compression Leggings from Old Navy are so sleek and stylish! We absolutely love the mesh panel as it adds the extra “oomph” and on a casual day, just throw on a long shirt and you are good for a coffee date as well.

Old Navy

Buy at $19.00 from here.

Flower Power

These Midsummer tights from the Swedish brand Stronglabel is absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect for any kind of workout, these pants are non-transparent and made from moisture-wicking fabric.



Buy at €65 from here.

You Think You Can?

Tights or a piece of art? You decide because are in love with these Porslin Coral Tights from ICANIWILL. Made from polyester and lycra, these pants are perfect for yoga, long walks to just to simply lounge in.


Buy at €65 from here.

Which one is your favourite? Tell us.

Also, incase you wish to purchase the tights featured in the featured image, click here.



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