Pokemon Go Is Helping People Lose Weight

Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality mobile game that lets you ‘catch’ Pokemon in the real world, is having an unexpected consequence: it’s helping people to lose weight.

The game, which is free but supports in-app purchases, has players move in the real world to move their in-game avatar.

As in previous Pokemon games, users can battle, train and trade virtual Pokemon.

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, a number of users described how the game had got them on their feet and walking around outside.

Some redditors conceded they hadn’t been for a walk to the park, for example, in years.

‘Terrible eating habits. 250 lb,’ wrote one.

‘My boyfriend and I went on a 2 hour Poke-trek yesterday, and did another 30-45 minute walk this evening.’

Another writes: ‘Just a shade under 300 myself. Have walked over 30k since this came out. My legs are dead tired and my feet have blisters.

‘I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.’

‘My boyfriend and I also work in a call center,’ says another.

‘We’ve been talking about losing weight lately and for the first time in our 7 years together we went out to play Pokemon for miles.’

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