Want To Be As Fit As Simone Biles’? Then You Better Start Following Her Diet Plan

Simone Biles is not a typical girl. Besides being an Olympic champion in women’s floor exercise, she also trains non-stop and follows a strict diet ( and not the type of diet where she has one slice of pizza instead of two).

But even though the whole world is still gawking at her double-flip with a half-twist move that ends in a forward landing, many like us are wondering, what does she eat? We mean, what keeps her fueled and keeps her so fit?

We are ignoring the fact that she trains for more than 6 hours per day (because who doesn’t, right? LOL).

But we have the answers and this is what this 4’8″ gymnast’s diet plan looks like:



When you work as hard as her, you need the energy and that’s why Simone digs into Kellogg’s Red Berries to kick start her day. When she’s tired of cereals she switches it up with a plate of eggs whites with a dash of protein powder.



For Simone, the gym is her second home so her lunch is pretty substantial because she needs to replenish her lost calories. Post three hours of rigorous training she prefers to eat chicken or fish to get her dose of protein. Please, no salads.



The last meal of the day means all food groups and that’s why her dinner consists of fish like salmon with some carrots and rice. Gymnasts need enough energy for sprints and crazy air, but not nearly as much as swimmers or track athletes, so Simone’s modest, clean meals are perfect for fuelling her performance.



If you think your workout cramps are bad, imagine getting one while spinning midair. Simone stops them before they happen with a pre-workout snack of a banana with some protein powder or a smoothie.

Cheat Meal


She’s a pro and that’s why she treats herself like one. Once she’s done winning all the medals, she enjoys a slice of pepperoni pizza.

The girl knows how to treat herself like a pro: after she kills the competition in a meet, she wrecks a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Even though her diet is super clean, she usually also loves digging into pork chops with some dirty fried rice. With a nutrition and training regimen so self-controlled, it’s not a surprise that she’s a superstar at such a young age.



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