These Supercool Athleisure Clothes Are Perfect for Office

I am a big fan of the so-called “Athleisure trend” but then again, I am biased because as a runner I prefer certain kinds of clothes and by which I mean stretchy pants with a white shirt.

I find no joy in wearing jeans or formal pants (yikes!) to work because they are just not my style and let’s be honest, are also super uncomfortable.

But then again, I do what I have to and rotate between culottes, jeans, skirts or whatever I can find to get through my workday. So when recently everyone started talking about the Athleisure trend, it opened a world of doors and shops which started stocking apparels which fit a particular lifestyle, like mine.

But here’s the catch; you need to avoid looking like you have stepped out of the gym but instead excuse a sporty yet controlled look. Is that possible? Yes!

I have mentioned below for you some of the coolest Athleisure Clothes you can wear to work to garner all the attention, for all the right reasons.

Kimiko High Neck Dress

Oh, my god! Look at the fit of this dress! Perfect in every way, this piece can be worn to meetings or casual work day. The best part that you can transition from a formal to a night look seamlessly with this beauty. The zip back detailing is perfect too ( I think I am slightly in love with this dress).



By Carbon38 

Shop the dress here.

Kaito Split Black Tank

To all the sceptics who believe that sporty attire is not appropriate for the office, you can zip it now. Lol, pun intended. Modern, understated and effortlessly elegant, this structured tank is a classy addition to any work outfit. Pair it with culottes and you are good to go.



By Carbon38 

Shop the top here.

Jadyn Skirt

I like pencil skirts, I do but I usually avoid them because they tend to suffocate my skin. That’s why this skirt is just perfect because the active detailing makes it easy to wear all day long.  I particularly love the side zip detailing, what about you, though?



By Carbon38 

Shop the skirt here.

Linear Muscle Tee

Sleek, fuss free and a simple design makes this muscle tee on my “soon to buy list”. I can already imagine the ways I will wear it, with my yoga pants and a blazer of course.



By Live The Process

Shop the Tee here.

What do you think about the amalgamation of the Athleisure trend with your workwear? Let me know via the comment section.

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