Running and Correct Posture — Why Is It So Important?

By Guest Blogger Bethany Widdicombe

Running posture is not always something you think about. As you tie on your shoes and head out the door, your body settles into a natural rhythm. Yet, your natural rhythm may not be optimal for your health. Running with correct posture can significantly increase your chances of being able to stay healthy and pain-free.

Poor posture while running causes your body to compensate your movement that can lead to fatigue, muscle imbalance, and pain. If your natural running form is causing continual pain, it may be time for a change.

Next time you set out for a run, think about your movements. Do you put more weight on one leg or bound on your feet too hard? Are you looking forward, or is your neck craned down looking at your feet? Learn how your movement affects your running by knowing the correct posture that can guide you into healthier running.

To Run With Correct Posture


To run with correct posture, hold your body upright and look forward. By keeping your chest open with a slight lean forward, it helps your breathing and alignment. Hold your elbows at a ninety-degree angle and gently swing your arms opposite of your legs. Strike your foot against the ground mid-foot to keep your momentum. Engage your core tightly to help stabilise your body and provide balance.

Your cadence can affect your balance while running, which is why it is important to keep your running rhythm between 170-180 bpm (beats per minute). Running at a cadence of 180 bpm allows for your body to move at its optimal form. Running too slow may cause your body to slouch, or put too much weight on your knees and shins.

Why is it So Important?


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Not only does running with correct posture help your breathing and nervous system, it can help in your everyday routine. By correcting your posture for your workouts, it will decrease back, neck, knee, and shin pain that can be debilitating after too much stress on the body.

Good posture aids digestion, muscles, joints, and breathing, which allows you to perform at your absolute best. Give your body the opportunity to run without pain by focusing on correct form during your workouts. In the long run, it can help you run at faster speeds and for a longer duration of time.

Evaluate your body every time you go out running to determine what you can fix to give yourself the opportunity to run healthy. Each step you take towards correcting your form and recognising the health benefits allows for you to enjoy your workouts more and live a pain-free life. Next time you head out for a run, know what your body needs to run at your very best every single day.

Run with correct posture to maintain a healthy body that is able to handle every mile you conquer.



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