The Life Altering Benefits of Acro Yoga and Moringa That You Need To Experience

I started Acro Yoga three years ago in a small circle in Auroville. I still remember how I dragged myself out of bed on a Sunday morning to join the class at 8 o’clock in the morning.

By Guest Writer Luise

First I thought I must be mad but after the first 15 minutes, I was hooked. We started with a partner stretching, which still is one of the many things I enjoy. You play with the weight of your partner to into a deeper stretch and it is a great way to start connecting with your partner, to feel the other person for what’s ahead in the practice: the flying. From that Sunday morning on I started flying and I never got tired of it. I started with a simple bird and I am proud to say that Flying Flows are more my style now. The work of the gravity which releases and opens up one’s spine while flying and the grounding and empowering experience of the base are incredible.

Acro-Yoga is a relatively new practice that is hitting the Yoga world by storm. It was founded in California blending the spiritual wisdom of Yoga, the kindness of Thai massage and the dynamic power of Acrobatics.


The practice aims to bring about connection, trust and safe play. The practice is mainly performed in pairs or in groups, unlike other Yoga styles. It involves three active roles: The spotter who serves as an interpreter between the base an flyer and aids the stability and success of the skill, the base, who is the pillar for the practices that are conducted and the flyer who is the performer or receiver of the flying sequence.

What I love most is the social aspect of Acro Yoga


Due to the fact that one needs a partner to practice it is a very social style of Yoga that brings people together.

A simple “wanna fly?” is enough. The another side of the partner work is the experience that one has with oneself, the introspective. Jason Nemer, the founder of Acro Yoga said” Everything can go really well by yourself on the yoga mat, but interacting with other people challenges your mindfulness practice. The partnership is one of the most beautiful ways to see how well you can stay in your centre while interacting with others.” This is very true for me. Acro Yoga can be a very intense experience for the inner self.

Everyone is welcome to join the Acro Yoga community, however having experience in bodywork is highly beneficial. Simply be prepared to have a great time, make lots of new friends, accomplish new things and get hooked.

Acro Yoga Auroville was founded by Damien. He gives classes every Saturday at 8.45 in Arka for beginners. He also gives private lessons on request. Contact me and I will forward the requests


The best way to gain some energy for me for all this exercise is my daily Moringa dosage. Although the big trend in Auroville and in the Yoga community is Spirulina I am hooked to the green powder that is made out of drumstick leaves. It is packed with nutrition and it has healing properties due to the antioxidant-rich ingredients. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is known for hundreds of years for its healing powers, known as the miracle tree.

And it is true; Moringa is rich in Vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It contains significant amounts of Vitamin A, C and E, calcium, protein and potassium.


For getting my boost I simply mix it in my salad or make a tea. Simply take two teaspoons of Moringa mix it with hot, not boiling, water an add some ginger, honey or lemon for the taste. Of course, I only consume locally grown and harvested organic Moringa from the Auroville Unit Aurospirul. The quality is high and I know that it comes from a good source. So get some energy and start some serious flying!

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Luise, is originally from Germany but moved to Auroville in south India three years ago. She loves Acro Yoga, going for walks with her beloved dog, eating vegan chocolate ice cream and reading books in one go. If she is not busy with that she runs the Marketing for the Auroville Online Shop.


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