Travelling? Follow This Health Eating Guide

Travelling for official reasons or with your friends and family, either way, the lure of an unhealthy diet is just a bite away.

Maintaining the right diet just for your waistline is an understatement.  You need to have a healthy diet while travelling to keep yourself active, energetic and full of life.  Brace yourself for quick tips to make your travel a healthy experience.

Getting Ready with your Flight Health Chart

Carrying fruits, nuts, energy bar, fibre cookies can save you from consuming fattening food served on an aeroplane.  Opt for meals which are low fat, vegetarian, gluten-free, low sodium, etc. whenever you board your next flight.

Planning a Healthy Road Trip

Picking up the fast food chain outlets when hungry on a road trip is habitual. It is also very common to buy packs of potato chips, flavoured juices, sugary candies and bars in the name of having an amazing road trip.  Avoiding this starchy and high-calorie food is just the right thing for you. Stopping by the vegetable stores, juice joints or coming up prepared with your home made healthy food like fresh veggie slices, granola bars, rice cakes is something that you can follow upon.

Eating at Regular Intervals

Eat to burn calories. This thermogenic effect of food enables your body to use calories to aid digestion. By constantly providing fuel to your body at regular intervals while travelling would not only ensure your perfect body weight but also help you increase Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Eating this often will help you control your appetite and feel more energised throughout the day.

Be A Waterholic

Dehydration can cause a headache, muscle cramps and fatigue. Equipping yourself with enough water along with fresh fruit juices and herbal teas is a way to a great trip. If prone to upset stomachs or nausea, a few herbal tea bags such as ginger or chamomile would be just your thing.

Avoiding soda and alcohol all together would be the best gift you can give to your body.

Protein, The Savior

Getting yourself protein rich food to eat will save you from sluggish metabolism, low energy level, poor concentration, mood swings and unstable blood sugar levels. Eggs, seafood, chicken, mixed nuts, protein shake, are some of the healthier protein choices for which you can go for.

Stay Wise

Avoid the lavish high-calorie buffet at the hotel and look for healthier options like cereals, yoghurt, etc. Make your lunch your biggest meal so that you can go for light dinner. Choose meat items that are broiled, grilled, poached or roasted.  Eat vegetables that are steamed and not fried.

Plan Your Diet

It is important to plan out your diet chart before you start your trip. Make sure it is easy to follow. Don’t be too harsh on yourself by coming up with a strict diet regimen which is hard to follow. Think about it rationally and come up with a balanced plan that gives you a salubrious experience and a fun time on travel.


These points are carefully written by Credihealth experts. You can comfortably apply these tips whenever and wherever you plan to travel next time.  If you are eating healthy while you are travelling, you are all set up for a positive attitude towards life. Good luck!


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