There Is No Such Thing As Depression

What is it about mental health that makes people cringe?

Honestly, I have not been able to figure it out yet. The topic evokes so many reactions from the typical, “There’s no such thing”, to “Just go for a walk” or “Maybe you need a vacation”.  Call it ignorance but the head in the sand syndrome, but it’s important to understand how depression affects everything. From the way, you feel about your everyday life. It sucks, to be honest. And it feels hopeless.

I have mentioned below some symptoms of depression and if you recognise some of them, speak to a counsellor immediately. If you don’t have one, then sign up for help. While the self-help section will enable you with some hacks, it does not replace professional help.



This video is hilarious. Why? Because it talks about depression in a way no one thinks about. Enjoy and share.


Have you ever suffered from any mental health issues? How did you overcome it? Leave your comments.

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