Too Tired for Sex?

A great or even an average sex life takes time to maintain and nurture. Many couples struggle with the whole area of their sex lives; they wonder are they having enough sex and sometimes one partner wants it more than the other and inevitably there comes conflict.

Of course, many couples develop enriching sex lives throughout their years, but others struggle with new life developments like the advent of babies, new work challenges, financial pressures and so on. The key is to keep working on it and not under emphasise its importance. The possibility of having a great sex life is not of course confined to those in committed relationships. In today’s modern world with the ubiquity of smartphones and dating apps, casual (but safe) sex is a lot more acceptable. If one blurs the lines of what is constituted as “sex” then perhaps masturbation sessions that deliver mind-blowing orgasms can also contribute to one having a great sex life.

Therefore the mantel of a “great sex life” is 100% open to all which is wonderful because the joy that a climax can bring shouldn’t be isolated to those who are in long-term relationships. A healthy sex life in whatever manner brings a fantastic release and can be an excellent method of relieving stress. Regarding relationships, it is, of course, a wonderful way to express one’s love and passion for a partner. In a casual sex situation, it, of course, can also be a stress reliever but it’s also a highly enjoyable act where you can explore someone’s body and play out some amazingly satisfying fantasies without the pressure of commitment.

With the advent of so many high-quality adult toys, a self-session can be a hugely erotic experience.

The guys at Carvaka have put together a useful video below which explores the area of increasing ones’ libido should that be a barrier to having a great sex life. The key thing to remember is that getting that spark back to achieve a great sex life is wholly possible!

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