Always Open, Always Empty – Why the Home Gym is the Best Gym

If you have ever had a gym membership, you have experienced the frustration of arriving ready to work out only to find that it is overcrowded and that the wait time is longer than the line at your local DMV.

Worse, you work long hours or demanding schedules that make using your gym membership impossible. These factors have caused many to choose a home gym.

Benefits of a Home Gym

Other than those we have mentioned, there are other benefits to having a gym at home.


Most of us are a bit self-conscious. When we weigh the option of getting sweaty in front of a bunch of strangers, we often choose avoidance. The reality of the modern gym is such that having it to yourself is just impossible. However, being able to work out in the privacy of your home is incredibly motivating. Of course, if you choose to have a training partner, simply invite them over to join you. They will likely appreciate your home gym for the same reasons you do.


Play your own motivational soundtrack as loud as you want. Make as much noise as you want. This is a major factor for weightlifters, as some gyms enforce an etiquette that frowns upon or completely disallows gym members making grunting noises.

Fewer Obstacles

Excuses like “I don’t have time,” or “It’s too cold/rainy,” are virtually eliminated when you operate a home gym.


Enjoy more productivity in your life. Most gym members claim to spend well over an hour at the gym each day. But how much of that is spent working out? When you factor out drive time to and from the gym, time spent waiting for a station, not to mention socialization you can save loads of time and energy.


Gym membership fees range widely depending on the area of the country in which you live. However, if you plan to spend the average cost of $1200 on your home gym equipment, you will likely see a return on your investment in as few as two years, and over the course of ten years, you could save around $5,000.

Building a Great Home Gym

Of course, this will vary according to your personal preferences. Our recommendations are based on the equipment needed for any good circuit or cross-training workout.

1. Dumbbells


The amount and types of exercises you can create using dumbbells are practically endless. In that, they justify their cost immediately. Choose dumbbells with a thick coating – for a longer lasting investment and to reduce the wear and tear on flooring. These are also the most comfortable for better workouts.

2. Kettlebell


While many kettlebell exercises can be done a dumbbell, some movements are unique or require a bell to be challenging. Choose kettlebells that have broad, smooth handles for a better grip.

3. Pull Up Bar


There are many basic gymnastic exercises you can perform with a bar installed in your home. If you can’t do pull ups, you can utilize resistance bands to help until your strength has improved.

4. Jump Rope


If you are just beginning, choose a durable rope. If you have skills, look for a lightweight rope so that you can work on speed and timing. Weighted ropes are a great way to work on strength.

5. Medicine Ball


These are great additions for improving core abdominal strength and upper body strength. Choose a softer medicine ball to accomplish exercises that involve throwing and catching. If you are beginning, go with a lighter ball until you build up strength.

6. Plyo-Box


Exercises using these boxes are an excellent way to build explosiveness, agility, power, and quickness. They can also be useful for squatting, bench dips, and jumping exercises.

7. Barbell


Of course, no home gym would be complete without a barbell. Choose a sturdy bar with an appropriately sized grip for comfort and safety. Weight plates are needed as well. Beginners should stick to weights under 45 pounds.

The biggest factor in home gym success is the ability to create the right mindset. You need to be a motivated self-starter to get the maximum benefit from your home gym and realize the maximum benefits regarding health, fitness, and investment.

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