The Only Two Wellness Products You’ll Ever Need

Forget fancy creams, lotions, face cleansers or expensive cooking oils, I have discovered that when it comes to health, wellness and beauty, you just need two products. 

I have been writing about health and wellness for a long time. That’s why I have had my fair share of trials, experiments and so much more. During my journey as a “self-appointed guinea pig” of all things related to beauty and health, I have come to realise that all the creams and lotions and crap. Seriously. Also, the cooking oils for weight loss, muscle gain..blah! blah! Because honestly, you just need two products for mostly all of your needs.

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

This oil is my absolute favourite. Sesame oil, also known as gingelly or til oil, is made from sesame seeds. It plays a crucial role in Asian cuisine and also alternative treatment. In Ayurveda, sesame oil is advocated for its healing properties.

I apply it to my skin because its antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties protect, heals and nourishes tired and damaged skin.

It’s also perfect for oil pulling. Also, due to its high concentration of omega-6 fatty acids, cold-pressed sesame oil makes it an ideal massage oil.

sesame-oil-front                                                                Buy here


Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cooking, oil pulling, night cream, hair massage oil body name it and this humble product will deliver it to perfection. I am addicted to cold pressed coconut oil as a nighttime moisturiser because it completely rejuvenates and nourishes skin. So much so that I haven’t used a night cream in years.

Here are some benefits at a glance:


Image via


                                                          Buy here


Those are top choices for anything related to wellness. Do you have a special preference? Let’s talk!


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