The One Rule You Need To Follow If You Are Craving ( And Eating!) Junk Food

I hate quinoa, kale, green smoothies, spinach, salads, diet colas…..the list is pretty long. And since the past few days, I have ben eating only gelato and fries. Are my days as a fitness blogger and runner numbered?

I don’t think so. You see, there are too many rules. Eat this, try that workout, look like this, don’t have gluten, fried food is evil, and if you are into fitness, you must be working out every day and opting for a fancy looking green smoothie in the morning, right? No, I hate green smoothies because it tastes like damp grass ( You know I am right!).

But it’s important to be healthy and I am not advocating eating fried bread and bacon every day, but if that’s what you feel like eating, then go ahead. Even though most trends, nutritionists would recommend certain diets and rules, the truth is that food is not evil.

But what you do after eating your favourite meal or dessert, matters. Do you talk a walk or curse yourself for eating that burger?

To give you an overview, below mentioned are three things I have been eating / every day every day. Yes, every day!


This is usually my breakfast. Not kidding. There’s a beautiful gelato store in a mall around the house, and I get myself a cup every morning.

Love desserts? Checkout the recipe of wheat germ brownie here



Mmmmm…I truly believe that fries are soul food. One small portion of fries with mustard on the side is a treat I give myself whenever I feel like it. Which is every day, these days.

Find a healthier recipe of delicious potato wedges here



I can never understand how people prefer cappuccino when there’s iced latte! Cold, sweet and absolutely delicious, this is usually what I prefer at around 4 pm for a quick energy boost.

Love smoothies instead? Find the recipe for chocolate smoothie coffee here


Even though these foods are not healthy and loaded with sugar, fat, salt and most fitness bloggers would gasp just looking at these, I love them. But I always follow one rule.

The Rule

No lazing around.

You had your favourite food, great! Now it’s time to get moving. And my moving I don’t mean a guilt-induced running on the treadmill till your lungs collapse, but get your body moving.

Go for a walk, do some yoga, HIT, take the stairs…just anything. The idea is to move your body in a healthy and constructive way and never participate in the self-blame game. Ever.

I prefer to go to the park and do a quick 30 HIT workout, which usually means, I prefer to indulge myself around an hour before my scheduled workout. And there are days I don’t feel like working out, but I sill go for a walk. Always.

Food is wonderful and eating a great meal is probably one of the biggest joy one one’s life. So feel like eating something, go for it. Just don’t forget to do some squats later.



  1. Himanshi Jain

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  2. Bharath

    Yes! we all like junk food more than our regular diet. but not every junk is good for health. I like the fries and iced coffee mentioned above. fries have a lot of proteins and carbohydrates, which will help in muscle and weight growth.
    Thank you for the article.


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