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These 3 Products Is What I Need Right Now. Seriously.

It’s that time of the month where I showcase my favorite products. These fabulous things have caught my attention and they will add and enhance your healthy lifestyle in a fun way.

Chocolate Granola by Sustenance Foods

Its gluten free, vegan, 100% natural and refined sugar-free and delicious! I mean it’s chocolate, common! These handcrafted granolas are baked in small batches at low temperatures to give it a nice crunch and toasty flavor.

chocolate granola 1

Buy here.

Crew Running Tee by Athlos

At first look, this might look like a regular running shirt, but this one is crafted from the brands signature bamboo fabric. With an anti-odour finish made from pure silver, the tee is crafted for workout repeats. Is my love for athleisure wear surfacing at the sight of this tee, I think so. Perfect for work with a casual blazer? Totally.


  Buy here.

TechLoom Phantom 3D Mesh Sneakers by APL


 Buy here.

Look at this beauty! Now don’t get just go by looks, they’re crafted from elastic four-way stretch mesh and have an incorporated neoprene collar and tongue for a snug, sock-like fit. The grooved rubber sole flexes as your foot moves.

 Which one is your favorite? Tell me. 


1 comment on “These 3 Products Is What I Need Right Now. Seriously.

  1. Datrim Singha Ray

    Hey guys another variant like ATHOS you might be interested in? Check out Mizuno’s Crew Tee offering the same comfort and warmth as Athos. Try now!


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