3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Endurance at Home

While cycling can not only be a highly entertaining and efficient form of exercise, you may one day want to take things up a notch. Just imagine picking a destination even though it’s 50-miles away and not being worried about getting winded at the one-hour mark.

With that being said, let’s look at some inexpensive ways to improve your cycling endurance.

Do Some Muscle Strengthening Exercises


Muscle strengthening really is important when it comes to increasing your endurance levels. Putting in just a little bit of extra time and effort on a consistent basis can help you build up to the endurance level that you are aiming for.

A few daily strengthening exercise examples include:

  • split squats,
  • medicine ball throws
  • standard planks
  • sprinting on an incline

All of these combined will not only strengthen your legs, but also the crucial core! Your arms may even get a fair bit of a work out too. Remember, cycling isn’t just in the legs; it’s about your whole being.

Find your rhythm and keep consistent, and you may even see results in as little as one week. Don’t believe us? Ask former champion, Katie Colclough!

Use a Stationary Exercise Bike, Or Better Yet, Make One

Well, we did say inexpensive ways to build endurance, right? Believe it or not, you don’t need an expensive electric spin bike to cycle at home. In a world where crafting is king, you can create your own DIY stationary bike stand.

A stationary bike stand can be used as a spin bike. You just mount your regular outdoor bike in place so that you can pedal away from the comfort of your own home. Plus, unlike an electronic spin bike, you can also probably put it out on your deck without worrying about it being stolen or ruined.

Believe it or not, there are even ways to add resistance to these DIY stands, so you really will get a workout.

Increase Your Carbohydrate Consumption


This tip may well be the easiest to follow! However, this doesn’t just mean cramming in four doughnuts on your way out of the house. What you will want to do, is eat small carbohydrate rich meals every three hours for two days leading up to a big ride. Make sure to wash them down with plenty of water.

What this carbo-loading does is help you stock up on a substance called muscle glycogen. Glycogen helps to store energy, and thus when those energy deposits are released, your endurance will increase. So, enjoy those carbs, but do it the smart way!

Final thoughts

Though improving your endurance may seem like a daunting prospect at times, remember, if you can go just a little further each day, that is progress. Clearly, to see true improvement, you will have to put in a legitimate effort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it from home, in simple ways each day.

We hope these tips have helped you, and you can reach that desired cycling destination in no time!


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