Every Busy Woman Needs This Period Panty. Period.

You may swear by tampons or sanitary napkins but can’t deny the fact that, all are pretty uncomfortable at a point during the 5 days.

Even though you may cringe at the idea of a panty doing the work of a tampon, but it works. And effectively. The rise of period panties has given the modern woman one very important tool, choice.

Thinx Thong

This product is my favorite right now because it has changed the way I deal with periods towards the end. Meant to be worn only during the lightest day of your period, it holds up to 1/2 a tampon’s worth of blood.

THINX is made up of four bits of tech that makes ‘em anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant. And they are reusable.



Checkout the website here. 

Checkout the useful review of period panties.

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