5 Aphrodisiac Foods That Will Get You in the Mood

In a modern market saturated with artificial supplements and health food crazes perpetuated by daytime television, finding a solid product to help with healthy living and proper nutrition is suspect at best.

By Amanda Wilks

As we hurry to consume the artificial and the overly hyped, we lose sight of what our bodies often need the most: Real food! As it turns out, aphrodisiac foods offer many of the benefits of off-the-shelf products without nearly as many drawbacks.

There’s no guarantee a plate of oysters and a glass of wine will put everyone in the mood. Everyone reacts to different foods in a myriad of ways. At the same time, spending time with a special someone while preparing tasty, natural food to be enjoyed as a couple is one of the most intimate ways to bond with someone outside of the bedroom.

So if you’re having issues with your bedtime mood and popping pills isn’t getting you the results you need, here are five foodstuffs to help you cultivate a proper atmosphere and boost your libido. Candles are optional, but highly recommended!



If any single food source has stood the test of time, honey may stand head and shoulders ahead of the rest of the crowd. It’s been the food of choice for royalty in millenniums past and continues to offer benefits to modern couples in the form of bedroom mood improvements via supposedly altering estrogen and testosterone levels in adults.

Honey works best as a compliment to other dishes considering just how sweet it is. Honey-roasted carrots, honey yeast rolls and honey apple cake make for great starting points when trying out nature’s finest source of sugar.



Whether it inspires stamina and performance or simply primes our bodies to fight off common ailments, garlic is a surprising aphrodisiac super food considering the stigma attached to garlic breath. On the upside, if you both have garlic breath to contend with, no one is left out!

One of the best things about garlic is just how versatile it can be in the kitchen. As a supporting player to a meal you can use the garlic as a spread on garlic and tomato bruschetta, a deeply traditional Italian dish that pairs well with any form of pasta known to man. As the star of your meal, garlic prime ribs or sea scallops offer the health benefits of garlic with the added benefit of fine meat to set the mood just right.



When food as an aphrodisiac enters the conversation, oysters are often in the top three answers given based off of street cred alone. Whether this power is from the bolstering effects of a wide-spread placebo or thanks to their high zinc levels to ensure everyone is ready to perform at a moment’s notice, oysters hold a special place in the romantic culinary world.

You could just fry up the oysters but that lacks a certain something considering why you’re preparing them in the first place. Roast duck with oyster dressing or oysters Rockefeller keep up the charm while managing to be tasty, traditional service options.



If oysters aren’t mentioned, chocolate is a sure bet for a quick mention. Containing compounds that could mimic how your body reacts during particularly heavy moments, even the simple act of craving chocolate has been compared to the romantic urges that surround an appropriately moody evening. With a time-tested role in seduction, chocolate is a safe bet for any dinner date.

The only downside to chocolate is just how many aphrodisiac foods can be derived from it. Chocolate trifle, eclairs, chocolate cheesecake or even something as simple as a chocolate-covered strawberry can suffice. You can even indulge in feeding strawberries to your partner if you’re feeling extra saucy.



It’s no small surprise given the role alcohol plays in our culture. A classy dinner date just doesn’t feel complete without a glass of wine, but moderation is key when it comes to our favorite poison: Too much alcohol could keep you from performing properly! Take it slow with the wine but don’t be afraid to have a nice glass with your dinner.

While service options can be as obvious as a mixed drink, something as unusual as wine-poached pears or a splash of alcohol in frosting can offer up new ways to enjoy an old standby.

Keep in mind that not all of the alcohol content will burn out of your food while cooking and that you should be aware of your limits before you start sipping.


While not every dinner you try may qualify as aphrodisiac foods given a proper place in your romantic routine, finding ways to spice up your eating for the sake of indulging in romance doesn’t have to be a hassle.

After all, the beauty of eating foods to get in the mood is sharing a moment with someone you care about, preparing food you’ll both enjoy and taking the time to ensure it’s done properly. Even if the food doesn’t do it for you, the atmosphere just might.


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