How to get rid of migraine? 10 best foods for sinus congestion

What to do when a sinus migraine hits you? You either turn off the lights and lie down or grab a pill, right?

A sinus migraine or a stuffy nose occurs when you are suffering from cold or when the temperature is too hot or cold.  Intense and sharp pain hits your temples, waves the entire head.

Chronic sinus is devastating it has various complications. The horrifying symptoms of sinus migraine are headache, sneezing, coughing, extreme sensitivity to lights etc. The pain lasts for about 72 hours. Instead of barring the pain of a migraine, get the right relief by adopting an organic food lifestyle. Try eating herbal food instead of using antibiotics. The best solution to get rid of a sinus migraine is eating healthy.

Include lots of vitamin A diet as they build a strong defence against the sinus infection causing sinus headache and migraine. A potential diet can also reduce the Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

Here are ten best good foods for sinus congestions:


Best foods for sinus

Pineapples consists of enzymes that bring relief to a migraine headache. Pineapples protect the mucous membrane from damage. It helps to boost anti-inflammatory properties that can help to get rid of a migraine (headache).


Best foods for sinus

Dehydration also causes headache grab water rich foods if you are suffering from migraine headache. Eat watermelon because the natural water in melon contains minerals like magnesium that is good at preventing headaches. Other foods such as berries, cucumber, soups and tomatoes are great for migraine problems.


Best foods for sinus

Ginger contains lots of antibiotics and anti inflammatory properties. Ginger root, lipids calm the nerves that produce pain. Ginger root bits the migraine occurrence. It decreases the migraine pain.


Best foods for sinus

Isn’t known to many, it’s a spicy root that increases mucus production. It has an antibiotic effect that helps to get rid of sinus headaches.


Best foods for sinus

Rustle up nutritious soup to fight migraine. Try hot soups in the form of chicken or vegetable it beats the migraine sinuses. Mucus movement helps to clear the sinus away as you ingest hot soup.

Apple cider

Best food for sinus

Is a natural ingredient that helps to reduce sinus headache. Apple cider vinegar helps in aiding detoxification, which controls sugar, blood pressure.

Pepper spices

Best food for sinus

In order to drain out the congested mucus antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties is must. Try cayenne pepper that helps in breaking down the draining out congested mucous.


Best foods for sinus

A compound found in garlic reduces pain caused by sinus congestion and helps treat sinus infection effectively. It’s a common household medicine for treating migraine.

A citrus fruit

Best food for sinus

Orange, lemon, grapes etc are known to cure migraine instantly. The antihistamine properties in onions reduce the sinus congestions. The strong pungent smell of onion can help fight migraine easily.

Migraine is usually caused due to the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation. Make sure you calm the migraine pain with a proper diet. Remember what you eat can affect your mental and physical health. So avoid certain food and keep migraine at bay.

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