5 Important Ayurvedic Health Tips For The Winter Season

One of the best thing is that your digestion strength is supercharged and one can easily digest any food regardless of heaviness or quantity. Simply because in Ayurveda, the strength of digestion is compared to fire and because of the cold weather, the body is not releasing internal heat, hence, leading to improved digestion strength.

Your Diet During Winter


Add the following  ingredients to your daily diet or as much as you can.

  • Oils, ghee, food with sour and salt taste,
  • Aquatic animals – crab, fish, pearl oyster, etc.
  • Meat with fat, wine, different fruit wines, cow milk and its products, sugarcane and its products, sesame oil, fresh grains are recommended.
    Avoid excess pungent, salt and sour foods. These can improve appetite, which is undesirable, because appetite is already high during this season.
  • Avoid cold drinks, aerated drinks.

Food prepared with wheat flour, black gram products of sugarcane and of milk, food prepared from freshly harvested corn, muscles, fat and edible oils should be consumed.

Vitamin D

Grilled Fish Entree in Barcelona

Because there is scarcity of Vitamin D, due to lack of sunlight, food rich with Vitamin D is recommended – Salmon, Tuna, Cod liver oil, Fish, fortified cereals, oysters, fortified soy products, ham, dairy products, egg, mushroom, yogurt, cheese, orange juice, zucchini, tomato.

Massage For Relief


Oil massage relieves dry skin and improves blood circulation. During winter, body ache worsens because cold weather leads to an increase in vata which in-turn, makes the pain worse. So, oil massage helps to relax muscles and relieve aches and pains.

Head Oil Massage is an excellent way to avoid dry scalp, dandruff, hair fall, headaches, worsening of migraine etc, which are quite common during winter. Use cold pressed sesame oil or mustard oil for this process.

Sweat It Out


Since there is lack of sunlight, opt for sweating treatment in the form of sauna or steam.

The Right Foot Wear Is Key


One of the reasons for increased hip and leg pain during winter is constant cold exposure of feet. This increases Vata drastically, worsening the pain. Hence, always wear a footwear or socks, even at home.

There you have it, some simple and effective tips which will keep you safe, healthy and happy this winter season.


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