These Two Products Will Change Your Bath Time For The Better

Bath time is the only time during the day that you are completely by yourself. It’s the time to contemplate, relax and to let all the stress and anxiety of the day slip away. So, it makes sense that you invest in products that will help you do exactly that.

Hence the products we are about to reveal, is exactly what your bathroom and you need.


Regular Honeycomb Bath Mitt

Bid farewell to the toxins that produce cellulite and welcome cell renewal with this special bath mitt made from a special Honeycomb. Resistant to bacteria, strong and effective, this works as a dry brush as well. It also makes a cool gift for the wellness aspirant in your life, or, just for yourself.

Regular Honeycomb Bath MittRegular Honeycomb Bath Mitt

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Natural Sea Sponge

First of all, this sponge looks super cool. And even better is the fact that these premium sea sponges are harvested by hand from the sea floor. Yup. Not surprisingly, compared to the cheap  supermarket sponges, this one  is softer, more absorbent and durable.

Natural Sea Sponge

Sea Sponge 1_preview

Buy here


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