6 Ignored Facts about Men’s Health

Most men will avoid going to the doctor until they are really sick, and more often than not, it leads to serious complications from late diagnosis.

Remember, ‘feeling healthy’ is not the same as ‘being healthy’.

We have here present a list of 6 most ignored men’s health symptoms that you SHOULD not ignore.

Persistent Fatigue

6 Ignored Facts about Men's Health

Most men will think twice before accepting they are too tired to carry on their chores. After all, it isn’t mainly to accept that you are fatigued, and you often ignore this these symptoms thinking you should get more sleep or are simply overtired from working late hours.

While fatigue can be caused by stress and physical exertion, it has also been linked to kidney and liver disease, congestive heart failure, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, thyroid malfunctioning, sleep disorder and depression.

Everyone has a late night here and there, but if your fatigue doesn’t go away with a good night’s rest, it’s time to head to the doctor.

Shortness of Breath

6 Ignored Facts about Men's Health

No man wants to accept that he is out of breath from after climbing just one flight of stairs. Men are supposed to be stronger than that, right? While it is possible that you are just out of shape and should get do more exercise, shortness of breath could also be signalling an impending heart attack.

Shortness of breath with by little exertion like climbing up a flight of stairs or walking at a fast pace from the parking to your office could be a sign that your heart muscles isn’t aren’t getting sufficient oxygen, which signals a heart disease. If you are over 55 years of age or are currently overweight, don’t ignore it.

Pain On One Side of the Abdomen


It could be a muscle pull that is causing that excruciating pain. But if you haven’t worked out lately or lifted anything heavy, a dull, persistent pain could be a kidney stone. It could also be a tumour, especially if over-the-counter pain killers make the pain go away temporarily. If an abdominal pain doesn’t resolve within 3 days, get it checked.


6 Ignored Facts about Men's Health

Men don’t go through PMS, so they often attribute their moodiness and grumpiness to late working hours. However, if you find yourself feeling grumpy even on the weekends when you have done nothing more than watch TV in bed all day long, it’s time to make a doctor’s appointment.

Feeling stressed out and cranky when work hassles are in abundance is normal. But feeling cranky and moody all the time could be a serious symptom of clinical depression. Do yourself a favour and don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you.

Frequent Urination

6 Ignored Facts about Men's Health

If you have to take a pee break a little too often, don’t ignore this symptom, thinking you’re probably just drinking too much coffee. That could be true if you are drinking more coffee than usual, but if not, it could be something more serious. Frequent urination is a symptom of an enlarged prostate or Diabetes Type 2.

If you are urinating more than you did a month ago and also experience excessive thirst, it is a red flag for Diabetes, and you should get your blood sugar tested ASAP.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

6 Ignored Facts about Men's Health

Embarrassing as it may be, ED that comes out of nowhere is often a symptom of some other underlying medical conditions.

Diabetes, heart disease, kidney stones, enlarged prostate, multiple sclerosis, neurological disease can all cause erectile dysfunction.

Most men ignore advice to eat healthy, be active, be tobacco free, and have regular health check-ups. Men’s health impacts all of us – not just men. Health issues often keep men from being the best husband, father, or employee that they could be or need to be. Wellness is a lifelong journey; and it is time to change the way men respond to their health.

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