5 Benefits of Hatha Yoga

The beauty of Hatha Yoga is that it helps to establish a deep connection between the mind, body and soul and helps to relax all muscles, calm the nerves, keep binge eating at bay, and become the very foundation of a healthier lifestyle. Hatha Yoga can help cleanse and tone the body, enhance spine health and also helps restore all organs to optimum functioning.

Below are the top 5 benefits of Hatha Yoga, though we promise you that there are many more advantages of practicing yoga that you will discover for yourself in time.


Strengthens The Body



Many of the complex Hatha yoga poses are weight bearing, helping you to strengthen and tone your body. These poses are held for varying periods of time and there are multiple repetitions during a session.

All in all, Hatha Yoga is great for functional fitness as it helps stretch, strengthen and tone all muscles used for everyday activities.


Stress Relief



As you focus on your breath and hold your poses, your mind relaxes and you become more aware of your inner self as well as your surroundings. The practiced breathing helps calm nerves and release stress-busting hormones that release all tension from the body. You’ll finish every session feeling more relaxed and refreshed. Practicing Hatha Yoga will align the body and mind so that you stop focusing on the chaos of the world outside and are better able to reflect on what’s on the inside.


Enhanced Immunity



By stretching out your body and holding complex poses in place for extended periods of time, you increase lymph drainage that helps to increase immunity. A stronger lymphatic system is better able to fight off infections and effectively remove all toxins from the body. As your organs move around and are massaged by the muscles and connective tissue surrounding them, they are deeply cleansed and dispose-off all the toxic waste from cellular functioning.


Increased Flexibility



Hatha Yoga is excellent for improving flexibility. It increases elasticity of connective tissues, stretches muscles and also addresses the ‘stretch reflex’ of the nervous system. It tones the spine, keeps it supple and ensures that your central nervous system is healthy.


Deepen Spirituality



Practicing yoga channels the energy of the universe to enhance spiritual development. It aims to achieve balance between the mind, body and soul, so that pure energy can flow freely throughout the body and facilitate spiritual awakening.

Apart from these, Hatha Yoga can also prevent as well as cure many physical maladies. There are poses that help support healthy pregnancy as well as those that can help relieve menstruation related problems.

There are poses to calm the mind, relieve sinusitis, alleviate asthma, anxiety, insomnia, carpel tunnel syndrome, chronic backache and sciatica, and much more.

If you are new to hatha yoga then checkout this easy workout which you can practise at home.



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