Gut Issues? Try The GAPS Diet

Here is something to consider. Many of us were not breast-fed as infants because we had working mothers, and we also received countless simultaneous vaccinations as children. We have all been to that physician who overprescribed antibiotics and medications from the start, even if we may have changed our GP now.

Add to all these phenomena the subsequent years of eating a lot of  processed/packaged/junk food, heavily sprayed produce, artificial sweeteners, and genetically modified foods. Still think you couldn’t have imbalanced gut flora?

We are betting you’re beginning to think you could do something to better your gut health right now. And that’s where GAPS Diet comes in!

What’s The GAPS Diet?


GAPS or “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” was a phrase coined by British MD Natasha Campbell-McBride in 1985. Her theory was that several medical disorders are the result of a leaky gut as well as dysbiosis. Her list included disorders like ADD/ADHD, autism, addiction, depression, OCD, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease.

In order to counteract this syndrome and focus on ‘food that works as medicine for the gut’, the GAPS diet was formulated.

The GAPS diet plan is a restricted program that promotes the healing and sealing of a compromised gut lining and also aid functioning of digestive enzymes.

What Does The GAPS Diet Plan Focus On?

The GAPS Diet focuses on a whole-food diet that includes meats and meat broth, eggs, animal fats, probiotic foods, vegetables, nuts, fruits, dairy products, and honey. A crucial element of the GAPS diet is homemade meat broth and stock. Amino acids from a homemade meat broth aid in rebuilding an ill-functioning digestive tract.

If you want to try the GAPS diet, you start by giving your gut a break by eating only soup for a month – because it’s so easily digestible.

As your body heals, you will be able to add in more fats via eggs and more fiber via vegetables. The full GAPS diet is the main portion of the diet and should last at least two years for maximum restoration of gut health.


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